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Wedding Cakes....

Wedding Cakes: Flavours and Fillings

Having the perfect wedding cake is important for any bride, you may well think its only a cake but your guests will remember that cake and you want it to be for all the right reasons. Well obviously the first port of call is a discussion about what kinds of cake you both like, and then you need to decipher what your guests will and won’t eat. Sounds like tricky business, but there are ways around it. The best way to tackle this head on it to have more than one cake at the wedding, having the main cake the flavour you and your future life partner would like and then other cakes for those that may be a little fussy. Why not have a look in this gallery for some inspiration and guidance >>


The more commonly used flavours of cake include Victoria sponge cakes, fruit cakes and chocolate sponges. These are more popular because they are fairly simple in flavour and are easy enough to make, not to mention its sturdiness. You can have whatever cake you like as it is your choice, but you will have to bare in mind how large you want your cake, what fillings you should have and what toppings and coverings you would like. Using fondant, for instance, can weigh the cake down which means you will have to use a strong enough cake, using little to no filling as filling will dampen the cake and make it less rigid.


Traditionally, wedding cakes are the main centre piece, with a bride and groom on top, stunning white detailing and have pretty swirls around it. However, some people like to break the rules and it can result in some truly eye catching creations. Why not try having banana bread? It is durable, tasty and strong enough to be able to hold a filling with fondant over the top. Want to be a little less calorific with your cake? Then why not have a carrot cake. Where there is a will there is a way, and there are dozens if not hundreds of combinations you could have.


Chocolate is possibly the most popular filling due to the majority of people being happy to eat it, and you can add any filling you want as pretty much any type of jam goes with chocolate. Fillings come in the form of jam, usually, but you can always just have butter-cream which is effective for icing. Depending on who is making the cake for you, you can always locally source your jam to make the cake. Most factories can make you any kind of jam from raspberry to apricot, and in some places you can get lavender jam although it is an acquired taste.


For your guests, you could serve a light Victoria sponge or cupcakes for the younger guests, chocolate for the slightly older guests and for the elderly guests you could have any sort of fruit cake or even a coffee cake just to change things up a bit. You can also use ginger based cake for a spicier taste or similarly you could use cinnamon as it is wonderfully sweet.

Wedding Cakes for your wedding....and so much more..

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