Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Theme Inspiration

Picking the theme for your reception comes down to personal choice. Let it be a reflection of you as a couple. Most reception venues are happy to work with you on your theme and ideas.

You could choose your theme based on:
  • Your gown design. You fell in love with your gown and the elegance or colour of it inspires your theme.
  • Your wedding stationery design. You sent out those wedding invitations months ago and just love their design!
  • The location of the reception! e.g. your venue is by the seaside, on a farm or in a beautiful garden!
  • The season you are being married in. Winter weddings can be spectacular!
  • Your favourite flower/s that are in season!
  • Your favourite colours!
  • a reflection of your personalities (e.g you both think it would be fun to have a gothic, pirate, or medieval wedding)
  • pure elegance.
There is no right or wrong... just what is right for you and your partner!

Whatever you do bringing a bit of DIY to your wedding can help you feel more involved and appreciated on the day. Something that is handmade is more likely to be remembered by your guests long after the big day. You can have a lot of fun along the way with DIY by organising get-togethers with your friends to create the decorations too! 

DIY Idea:

When no colour at all is allowed to creep in, jet black teamed with snowbally white makes a powerful impact. The clarity of the effect is breathtaking.
Patterns appear clear and sharp in monochrome. Here black and white shows a fun side with playful dots, stripes and floral paper napkin holder.
Download the floral paper here and trim into bands any size you like. Wrap around rolled napkins and secure with double-sided tape.

Download Template
You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these pdfs. This is available free of charge from

Flower Paper Template

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Real Wedding Inspiration!

Wedding Style Guide has put together some images from past Real Weddings for your inspiration.

Alexis Hemphill and Steven Elsea by Elizabeth Messina

Amy Moss and Mark Mandel by Jonathan Ong

Astrid Ramsden and Steven Harrison by McKay Photography

We would love to hear about your theme! You can leave a comment below or click here to upload images so we can share with all our readers what you did for your theme!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vote and Win in the Wedding Cake Poll

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We recently published an article on our Blog featuring 8 beautiful wedding cakes from our Real Wedding archives.

Let us know which one you loved by voting in our latest Poll and enter the draw for the chance to win a fabulous prize from the multi-talented Cristina Re in Melbourne!

You could win the luxurious gold-rimmed Cristina Re Signature Tea Pot and Cups - perfect for ladies of High Socie-tea from Cristina Re

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Good Luck!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Buttonhole Inspiration

Wedding etiquette states that the groom, the best man, ushers, fathers of the bride and groom should wear a buttonhole as well as other important members of the wedding party such as grandparents and paige boys.

The choice is endless when deciding what flowers to use for buttonholes:
  • Co-ordinating the flowers with the general theme of your wedding
  • Complementing the colours used in your wedding
  • Flowers that the groom likes
  • Flowers that are in season and easily available or inexpensive
  • Herbs such as lavender or even vegetable leaves/blossoms!
  • Inclusion of feathers, lace, ribbons...
  • Button buttonholes are all the rage too!
Wedding Style Guide searched their archives from Real Weddings to find images of the finest buttonhole inspiration.

Carrie Lynch and Benjamin Flanagan by Infinity Photography

Cate Rayner and David Regazzoli by GM Photographics

Rebecca Isgrove and Nathan Reck by Tealily Photography

Rora Furman and Brian Rom by Dekuji Photography

Sarah Allen and Benjamin Roe by Infinity Photography

Image by Simon Casson

Alice Thomas and Timothy Shepherd by Adrian Tuazon

Amanda Smith and David Esterly by Next Exit Photography

Cherise Angelle and Aaron Hurlbert by Elizabeth Messina

Monica Fiore and Joe Furfaro by Arlene Bax Photographer

Rebecca Gange and Andrew Crow by Elise Kapeller Photography

Roberta Moberg and Matthew Scudamore by Karen Buckle Photographer

Carey Parsons and Brian Provost by Aaron Delesie Photographer

These button buttonholes are available with matching bouquets from Nic's Button Buds

Love this one from Nic's Button Buds! You could put a picture of a family member such as grandparents who have passed over but you want them to be remembered on the day. So perfect to place them close to your heart on such a special day!

Please let us know what you think makes a great buttonhole by commenting below!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Cake Inspiration

At your wedding you want to have a beautiful cake for your guests to admire and enjoy. There are so many styles and designs to choose from. Some wedding cake designers are so clever and talented.
You can use the theme of your wedding with your cake too!

We have gathered images from some of our archived Real Weddings to inspire you.

Emily MacDonald and Malcolm Campbell's cake was created by
and these gorgeous images are by GM Photographics

This Real Wedding featured in our Issue 16 magazine

Alice Thomas and Timothy Shepherd's cake was created by
and the images are by Adrian Tuazon Photographics

Table decorations to match the cake!

Amanda Smith and David Esterly's cake was created by
and the images are by Next Exit Photography


Cherise Angelle and Aaron Hurlbert's cake was created by
and the images are by Elizabeth Messina

Decorations on the cake based on decorations on the gown

Rebecca Gange and Andrew Crow's cake was created by
and the images are by Elise Kapeller Photography

The hairpiece and decorations on the dress
are echoed on the wedding cake


Stephanie Sarta and Joseph Sweet created her own cake
and purchased custom made cake toppers from ETSY
The images are by Feather and Stone Photography

It is great to include "man's best friend" in your wedding!
Stephanie and Joseph have a special bond with their dog!
Note the collar and leash matching colours in their cake and flowers!


Roberta Mobert and Matthew Scudamore were lucky enough
to have Roberta's sister create their cake!
The addition of matching flowers to those utilised
in the wedding adds to the wedding day theme!

Images are by Karen Buckle Photography

Monica Fiore and Joe Furfaro were also blessed
to have Joe's mother create their cake!
Can you believe that? 

Images are by Arlene Bax Photography

Vote for your favourite cake now and win a fabulous tea set from Cristina Re!


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