Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wedding Day Jewelry

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Selecting your wedding day jewelry is just as important as choosing which dress you’ll wear. Depending on the neckline of your dress, you can choose a necklace (most brides prefer diamond or pearl), that complements your look. If the neckline is higher or already has some ornate detailing like beading or lace, you may want to focus on other jewelry pieces so you don’t take away from the beauty of the dress. Adding a diamond bracelet or pair of earrings is an easy way to compromise.

When it comes to choosing a Tennis Bracelet for your special day, try visiting Anjolee.com, the leading manufacturer of fine jewelry with the largest collection of Diamond Tennis Bracelet designs to complete your wedding day look. One of the major benefits of buying from this online jeweler is that they allow you to take any jewelry design and customize it exactly as you wish! For brides on a budget, this is an easy way to create your wedding day jewelry while staying within budget.

A variety of these lovely bracelet styles are shown below. Imagine one of these sparkly items on your wrist in yellow gold, white or platinum, choice of diamond size and quality and any length.  A bracelet like this can be considered an investment piece you’ll have for years to come – as it can be worn time and time again and will remind you of your wedding day!

For Classic Brides:

SB854 ‘Diamond Dreams Tennis Bracelet’ –shown in White Gold

For Vintage Brides:

SB904 ‘Vintage Style Leaf Diamond Bracelet’ – shown in White Gold

For Whimsical Brides:

SB893-A ‘Elliptical Link Diamond Bracelet’ – shown in Yellow Gold

All purchases from Anjolee include the following customer service standards: 30-day returns, fast delivery, free gift packaging, and free sterling silver necklace gift. Visit the website today: http://www.anjolee.com.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wedding Day Hair Inspiration

On your wedding day it is an opportunity for you to wear your hair in a style that is different, more elaborate or perhaps just more suitable to accommodating your veil.

We have searched through our Real Wedding archives and found some beautiful hairstyles for your review.

Some of our brides had a wedding day hair up do that they could change easily for their reception. That's a fantastic idea!

Amanda Smith by Next Exit Photography

Claire has a Classic Hair for back veil look

Front view of Claire (Infinity Photography)

Emma Kaveney (Mint Photography)
with a beautiful hair up do!

Just added the veil on a comb for the day
and then easily removed the veil for the reception!

Oliva (Calli B Photography)
Added a jewelled hair piece

Stephanie Sarta (Featherstone Photography)

Alexis Hemphill by Elizabeth Messina Photographer

Carrie Lynch with a long hair style by Infinity Photography

This gorgeous Flower Girl for Cate Raynor wearing a classic flower wreath - so simple yet beautiful!  (GM Photographics)

Monique Mellor with bridesmaid's matching hair up dos
by Karen Visser Photographer
Beautiful symmetry photography of  Monique Mellor's Bridesmaids and of course Monique looking stunning with her hair down and wearing a veil!

Alice Baxter by Paper & Lace Photography

Carey's classy hair style and hair piece
Photography by Aaron Delesie

Leah wearing a lacy hair piece that stands out on her dark hair
by Anna Rose Photography

Megan Crockett by Lens to Life Photography

Rachel Siemring by Calli B Photography

Kate Stockwell by Samm Blake Photography


Kylie Hackett wearing an elegant hairpiece

 with long hair by Thurtell Photography

Sally Ryan started with a veil and changed to a hair piece later
Adrian Tuazon Photography

Zoe and John by Jose Villa Photography

Zoe and John by Jose Villa Photography

This beautiful braid from Project Wedding

Just love the flower piece in the hair. A great alternative to a veil!
This piece is available from
The Prancing Fox- Style Inspirations for the Fashion Conscious Individual.

This amazing hair up style from LA Girl Secrets

This beautiful gown with matching hat from Gowns of Elegance is a great alternative or addition to a wedding day hair up do

Here is a video from Lilith Moon showing how to create a French fishtail braid for short medium and long hair

We hope you enjoyed these images and feel inspired with ideas on ways to wear your hair on your big day. We would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Ring! Ring!

The wedding ring is a symbol of love

 and commitment that lasts a lifetime!

So choose it well!

That little band of precious metal has a big job to do. It seriously communicates to the world the wearer is married; as a piece of jewellery it has to be flattering and as the precious thing will hardly ever be removed, the ring has to be so comfortable you hardly notice it’s there.

Ring styles that are beautiful as ordinary jewellery may not suit a wedding ring. Very wide bands, for example, although striking and stylish can feel uncomfortable after a while and have to be removed to give the skin some air. These extreme styles may not be the best choice for ‘absolutely every day of your life’ wear.

Brittany Baldwin and Mitchell Clough married at the Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast. Their wedding featured in our The Bride's Gown digital magazine.Brittany’s ring is a 3.45 carat oval morganite stone set in claws of white diamonds and sapphires. A brilliant cut diamond is embedded in a scalloped band.

Couples may choose matching bands or the bride may choose a more flashy design to match her engagement ring or a diamond encrusted eye catcher, whichever, the main guiding factor should be the long term performance of the ring. Will you still love it when you’re 64? Hopefully this ring will be forever.

Fashions in jewellery come and go, one year gold, the next year silver, so matching a wedding ring to current fashion jewellery or a favourite watch is short term thinking. The wedding ring can stand alone.


Wedding Ring Lowdown


The stamp displays the quality of the gold: 9k, 10k, 14k, 18k or 24k which is the purest and softest; 14k or 18k don’t scratch as easily. White gold is an alloy of gold and white metals, rhodium plating makes the white gold appear whiter. It is reasonably hard, but does wear away eventually, a jeweller can re-rhodium plate annually. Platinum is the most prestigious and expensive metal, almost twice the price of gold, platinum is the hardest and most durable of them all and hardly needs any maintenance other than a clean every so often.

Beautiful Tiffany Diamond Rings


Allow enough time to order your rings, most are custom made and usually take around four to six weeks to complete. Order rings at least eight weeks prior to the wedding. If circumstances mean that rings are ordered at the last minute, ensure the manufacturer has loan rings, just in case the deadline is not met.


It’s important that fingers are sized accurately by the jeweller. Take into consideration that fingers change, in warmer weather fingers will be slightly larger, weight loss or gain will affect finger size. The most common mistake is upsizing.


Your jeweller should explain the methods of manufacture and the types of finishes and durability. Some finishes will last longer, choose a finish that will not easily wear off or show blemishes. Shop around, see what’s available so you are satisfied you have found the best.

Here are some beautiful images from Real Weddings we have featured previously in our magazines!

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