Wednesday, May 22, 2019

How To Wear A Veil With Your Hair Down

Found your perfect veil but worried about it slipping out of your chosen hair style? Don't worry there are a few tricks to help keep your veil in place.
Firstly most combs are curved metal with loops to help you secure the veil to your head. The curve should follow the shape of your head when you insert the veil. 
metal wedding hair comb
Most veils will stay in up dos pretty well but if you plan on wearing your hair down there are four options that work particularly well:
  • Back comb- lift the section of hair where you would like to wear the veil and back comb the section underneath. Drop the top layer back over the backcombed section and smooth the hair over the top. Fix the veil into the hair using two bobby pins through the loops for extra security.
  • Pin curls- create two pin curls where you would like to secure the veil- to do this grab a finger section of hair and twist it into a curl, fasten it into place with a bobby pin. Once the pin curls are in place fix the veil into the pin curls.
  • Bobby pins- lift the top layer of hair and just below where you want the hair comb to sit secure two bobby pins in an x shape. Drop the top layer of hair and fix the comb of the veil in the x shape. You may need more than two pins if your hair is very thick or super silky! 
  • Pony tail- take two sections of hair on either side of where you would like to wear the veil and create a mini ponytail that you secure with a mini elastic band. Insert your veil into the ponytail.
  • Mini pony tails (good for short hair)- lift the top layer of hair and in the section below secure tiny ponytails with mini elastic bands. Drop the top layer of hair back down and secure the comb into the hidden ponytails.
It is always a good idea to use bobby pins that match your hair colour and test out your planned method before the big day to make sure it works with your hair and feels comfortable!
Finally for added security and for a pretty finishing touch you can pin a vine over your veil comb as below.
hair vine pinned over wedding veil

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions at all- we're always happy to hear form our brides!