Monday, May 27, 2013

Choosing your wedding dress...

Advice on how to choose Bride Dresses 2013

It seems that there’s a million and one things to do before your wedding, including deciding which bridesmaid dresses you’d like for the big day. However, you actually need to choose your dream wedding dress first.
You may ask, “How is my wedding dress related to the bridesmaid dresses though?”
In fact the two types of dresses are very closely related as it’s a mistake to start looking for bridesmaid dresses until you’re sure of the style, length, sleeve design and colour of your wedding dress. This is because bridesmaid dress should match and complement your wedding dress.
Read on to see how to choose bridesmaid dresses that will match your dream wedding dress:
One of the biggest issues that you’ll face with choosing bridesmaid dresses is that, unless you’re very lucky indeed, all of your bridesmaids are likely to have different shapes, skin tones and hair and eye colours. So if you thought you could just choose a colour then you’re sorely mistaken! It’s going to take a little more work than that, but we’ll go through it here step-by-step.
Agree upon some styles that suit everyone AND your wedding dress
Take a look online or in some magazines with the girls and decide on some of the styles that you all like. As a rule, A-line and Empire dresses will suit most shape, so you could focus on these and also give a nod to the weather which could for instance necessitate a shrug, wrap or bolero of some sort for warmth.
The dresses should also match your wedding dress. After all, if you’re wearing a short wedding dress and your bridesmaids are wearing long, very formal dresses then it will look a little out-of-place, so try to choose bridesmaid dresses that match the main basic features of your wedding dress. Focus on:
  • Cut of the dress (such as A-line)
  • Length of skirt
  • Sleeves (or not)
  • Neckline
Decide which colours are going to work
Most brides have some idea of a ‘colour scheme’ for their wedding. Your dress will likely be white, but you may well have matching flowers, wedding favors, place settings and bouquets. There’s no reason why the bridesmaid dresses can’t fit in with this, and in fact they should for maximum effect and beauty.
Another thing you could do is match your husband and his groomsmen’s ties, waistcoats, buttonhole flowers or cummerbunds with the colour of your girls’ dresses too.
Your maids should have an idea of which colours suit their skin and hair colours, so when you’re looking it will eventually be possible to agree upon a colour that suits everyone.
Do some ‘fake shopping’ to research and save money on your dresses
Here’s a handy tip. Once you have all decided upon some good ideas you should go to a local bridal store together to try on some of the possible styles for free. This will give you a really good idea of if these dresses are really going to suit you on the wedding day. Best of all…you can just walk away afterwards and then purchase the dresses elsewhere if you can find them cheaper, such as online!


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful wedding gowns...

Different Wedding Dress Brands

Some people just do not have the time to be wondering around the high street looking for wedding shops and trying on a thousand different dresses, inevitably none of them will suit you and you are no closer to finding a dress that you like or want. It's a common dilemma among first time brides and one that can actually be avoided. Online sales of wedding dresses have been booming over the last few years and there is a good reason why, selection. With online stores there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from and you are far more likely to see a dress you really want at a reasonable price. Here is a small list of some of the best wedding dress retailers and what they do best.


Essence of Australia – Dresses made in Australia that are designed on the styles of dress made in New York and the finer parts of Europe. Their couture dresses are simply awesome, specializing in longer and

luxurious wedding gowns these guys definitely know what they are doing. They use lots of different materials for their dresses and each dress is painstakingly created to the highest of standards. You can be sure when you buy a gown from here that you are getting a piece that is unique and good quality.



Sincerity – This international retailer stock dresses that are more modern and again specialize in longer gowns. They are international so they ship dresses to anywhere in the world and all of their gowns are made to fit what you want, meaning they are willing to change, edit and add to the dress at a small price. They are widely loved and are certainly worth a little look.





Ronald Joyce – Based in the united kingdom these dresses are the most elegant and regal gowns money can buy. They do cost a little more than the average dress but for what you get it is actually quite the bargain. London based designer Veni Infantino draws her inspiration for these dresses from her Italian grandmother. With almost one hundred dresses in their current selection there is certainly a lot to choose from and each and every single dress has the finest of detail on them, simply out of this word.



Alexia Designs – Founded in New York over a decade ago, this company goes all out with their range of dresses. No matter what style you are after they are more than likely to have it as they have dozens of different styles and they are all as gorgeous as the next. Making gowns that will suit any season you can be sure that if you buy a dress from here it will be modern, exquisite and affordable. Their designers work day and night to create these masterpieces one by one and are international, with online stores for the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia & New Zealand.







For a list of more wedding dress designers and retailers, go to the following website:

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Choosing your wedding car

Choosing the Right Wedding Car


There are many parts of a wedding that must be planned. Choosing the right wedding car is important. It is the main way that a couple can arrive in an elegant manner to the reception venue. The right choice will depend on needs, wedding theme, and budget. Here is a closer look at what to consider in order to select the perfect wedding car.

Things to Consider

Every couple will have different requirements. For example, a bride with a large dress must find a car that has plenty of room. It must also be easy to get in and out of the vehicle as well.

It is also important to consider the weather. If the wedding will be held at a hot time of year, it will be vital to hire a car with air conditioning. Nothing will be worse than showing up filled with sweat.

Getting a convertible top will be a decision as well. Most fancy and expensive cars have the option of having the top open. If the wedding is formal, and the bride has spent a lot of time and money on a hairstyle, it is best to stay away from a convertible.

One final thing to consider is the amount of people that will be transported. If the car must fit the entire wedding party, it is smart to choose a larger vehicle, such as a limo. If it is just for the bride and groom, a small, classic car can be used.

A Few Popular Wedding Vehicles

  • Limousine: Chrysler Stretch Limo
    wedding limousine is ideal to transport a large wedding party. The Chrysler 300 limo is a popular option that can accommodate up to ten passengers in style and comfort. There are many benefits that come with using a limo. Most services will offer champagne. Typical limos are filled with televisions, fancy lighting, and a great sound system. A Chrysler stretch limo is perfect for any contemporary wedding theme.

  • Classic Car: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud
    If wedding budget is flexible, and the couple wants a special effect on the wedding day, it will be nice to hire a classic car. These cars tend to be expensive. One of the most popular classic wedding cars is a Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. It will add great elegance to pictures. It is perfect for the couple who is having an intimate wedding with an old fashioned theme.

  • Vintage Bus
    When a bride and groom want something different and can carry the entire wedding party, a vintage bus will be the ultimate choice. A 1960s bus that has been totally restored will add whimsy to a wedding. It will work well in summer months for a wedding that is taking place in a classic or historic town. If the wedding is small, this type of bus may be able to transport all of the guests from the church to the reception site.

  • Horse and Carriage
    Even though this form of transportation will not actually get a bride and groom very far, it is a great picturesque moment to be driven off as husband and wife for the first time. If a couple is having an outdoor wedding in a park or other tree lined area, this mode of transportation will be very memorable. There is nothing more romantic than a ride in a horse and carriage.

A wedding has many details to plan. Hiring a car is just one of the numerous tasks that comes with the big event. There are many choices to pick from that will make the wedding special. It is important to weigh individual needs and budget in order to make the best decision.

About the Author

Naomi Gregg is a freelance writer with a love for all things weddings. From wedding invites, to flowers, transport, catering and amazing wedding dresses; Naomi enjoys taking the time to reflect on all the little details that contribute to making the special day a unique and memorable experience for all.


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Monday, May 6, 2013

Short or long..which one will you choose...

You can get short wedding dresses in all kinds of colours and materials, but you must remember that if you have a fairly light fabric even the smallest breeze will be able to lift that bad boy up. Being shorter these dresses are only for those confident enough to wear them. You can't get your pins out if you're too afraid to show them. You do have to be careful however as they are non-traditional, so if you have a traditionalist type of family they make not like your choice of dress what so ever. As the theory goes, the shorter the dress, the higher your risk of looking a little out of place. We know you want to be the centre of attention on your big day but you don’t need to show lots of leg to do so.

So what are the pros to having a shorter wedding dress? Well as previously stated you won't be tripping up unnecessarily on loose fabrics, and if you’re getting wed in a slightly warmer climate then a shorter dress can help to keep you cool as the last thing you want it so be a sweaty mess. They are also more affordable due to there being a lot less fabric being used, and due to their status of not being in as high in demand.

They can make you look the bee’s knees and if you are confident enough it will shine through on the big day, giving you a healthy glow and a beautiful smile. Being smaller, they are easily packed and transported if you have to travel a long distance to your venue or if you are going abroad.

The downsides to having a shorter dress start with tradition. If your family are highly religious then the last thing you want to be doing if offending them all. Because they are not as widely worn or as popular some people see it. You can't really wear one in less warm weather as you will generally ‘freeze to death’, looking pasty and shivering like a nervous wreck. They are very hard to pull off as they only suit certain figures, however with the right bride and the right conditions they can look simply breathe taking.
You can find all sorts of galleries and information on such dresses online. Why not have a look around andsee what you discover, or to search for the latest and greatest deals.

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