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Beautiful wedding gowns...

Different Wedding Dress Brands

Some people just do not have the time to be wondering around the high street looking for wedding shops and trying on a thousand different dresses, inevitably none of them will suit you and you are no closer to finding a dress that you like or want. It's a common dilemma among first time brides and one that can actually be avoided. Online sales of wedding dresses have been booming over the last few years and there is a good reason why, selection. With online stores there are literally hundreds of brands to choose from and you are far more likely to see a dress you really want at a reasonable price. Here is a small list of some of the best wedding dress retailers and what they do best.


Essence of Australia – Dresses made in Australia that are designed on the styles of dress made in New York and the finer parts of Europe. Their couture dresses are simply awesome, specializing in longer and

luxurious wedding gowns these guys definitely know what they are doing. They use lots of different materials for their dresses and each dress is painstakingly created to the highest of standards. You can be sure when you buy a gown from here that you are getting a piece that is unique and good quality.



Sincerity – This international retailer stock dresses that are more modern and again specialize in longer gowns. They are international so they ship dresses to anywhere in the world and all of their gowns are made to fit what you want, meaning they are willing to change, edit and add to the dress at a small price. They are widely loved and are certainly worth a little look.





Ronald Joyce – Based in the united kingdom these dresses are the most elegant and regal gowns money can buy. They do cost a little more than the average dress but for what you get it is actually quite the bargain. London based designer Veni Infantino draws her inspiration for these dresses from her Italian grandmother. With almost one hundred dresses in their current selection there is certainly a lot to choose from and each and every single dress has the finest of detail on them, simply out of this word.



Alexia Designs – Founded in New York over a decade ago, this company goes all out with their range of dresses. No matter what style you are after they are more than likely to have it as they have dozens of different styles and they are all as gorgeous as the next. Making gowns that will suit any season you can be sure that if you buy a dress from here it will be modern, exquisite and affordable. Their designers work day and night to create these masterpieces one by one and are international, with online stores for the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia & New Zealand.







For a list of more wedding dress designers and retailers, go to the following website:

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