Monday, November 26, 2012

Wedding Favours: How to Choose the Right One for Your Wedding

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Wedding Favours
One of the most creative elements of a wedding is choosing favours for the big day. Wedding favours are given away as tokens of your appreciation to guests for participating in you and your spouse’s special day. You want your favours to reflect both you and your spouse’s distinct personality! If you’re on a tight budget, you can create your own wedding favours. If you got the budget, then your choice is virtually limitless.
Unfortunately, because there are literally thousands of wedding favours to choose from, picking just one can be quite challenging. The last thing you want are wedding favours that stick out like a sore thumb! To help you choose the right favours to give away on your wedding day, consider these tips:

Focus On The Wedding Theme
To find the right wedding decor, consider the theme of your wedding. If the color scheme is blue and silver, you can create candy bags with blue and silver wrapped treats. For carnival themed soirees, you can offer popcorn and candied apple treats as wedding favours.

For garden or spring weddings, you can use scented candles decorated with fresh blooms or mini potted plants with a thank you note as give-aways.

Add Local Elements
If your wedding is held in states with a regional speciality, then don’t be afraid to show off the local flavors in your wedding favours. For example, if it’s a beach setting, colorful buckets filled with beach essentials make a perfect wedding giveaway as well as star fish paperweights, clear bottles filled with sand, shells and trinkets.

For mountain weddings, cute hand or neck warmers make an interesting giveaway. You can also give away bottled local delicacies as wedding favours. Just add a touch of personality on each favour with ribbons or other decors.

Season-Appropriate favours
If say, you are planning a fall wedding, you can use pumpkin-based goodies or candy apple treats as giveaways. For those who love beach weddings, personalized sunscreen bottles or beach towels are great wedding favours ideas. For spring weddings, you can either offer DIY wedding favours encrusted with local blooms, edible favours or even garden sprinkles in cute tin cans as giveaway!

Double-Duty Wedding Giveaways
Practical giveaways make the perfect keepsakes. From quirky bottle openers, salt and pepper shakers, small jewelry boxes, champagne flutes or textured ring pillows, there are various giveaways that are just as useful as they are beautiful.
Give Back
If you are passionate about supporting a certain foundation, a research group or a non-profit organization, you can request your guests to make donations to your favourite charity instead and give away a simple, personalized thank you note for every donation received. Just make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes.
When it comes to wedding favours, the options are limitless! You can find the right favours by focusing on the theme of your wedding, the color scheme as well as the location of the wedding. Just make sure that whatever favour you choose, don’t forget to have fun! Preparing your wedding is a momentous occasion that will literally change your life so make sure your favours are worthy reflection of this happy occasion.

Blog by Ryan ZHU, The Function Room—Event Hire

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Big Shoulders, Warm Heart

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The wedding day is a very emotional 24 hours for the bride. Her expectations will be very high and nerves on edge, after all this is her magic moment. Keep in mind her need for support, plan to be there for her all the way. Make her feel totally loved and appreciated, give as much as you can; these tips will make you a heroic groom.

On Call
Keep your mobile phone charged and on so your bride can contact you at any time, even if it’s just to hear the sound of your strong, calming, reassuring voice.

Cooper Wedding by Ryan Heywood Photography - Davenport Wedding by Tim Coulson Photography
Don’t Stray
Plan to stay close. Try not to venture too far away from where your wedding will be held. Flat tyres, fender-benders and traffic jams happen. Nothing worse than being held up because you decided to kill a few hours out of the way.

Regan Wedding By Fi Mims Photography
Special Delivery
Order a gourmet breakfast and flowers to be delivered to her; write a sweet note telling her that you can’t wait to see her at the ceremony. It will set her up for the rest of the day, help calm her nerves and reassure her that you really are the greatest guy.

Davenport Wedding by Tim Coulson Photography

"Chris organised coffee and a special note to be delivered to Leoni as she prepared for the day ahead"

Meet and Greet
Be there when guests arrive at the ceremony. Thank them for coming and sharing your special day. It will show you really appreciate her family and friends and you can introduce both sides of the family.

Schmooze It Up A Little
Remember to thank your bride’s parents privately and also during the toast. Your wife will be pleased and your new in-laws will be impressed with your thoughtfulness. They are going to be around for a lifetime, after all.

Kara and James by Daniel John Bilsborough
For The Record
Don’t be camera shy. Have fun at the photo-shoot and be demonstrative. Show your new wife you adore her and how happy you are to be her husband. Let the photos tell the story forever.

Chircop Wedding By Blakeney Photography
Move Baby Move
Dance the night away. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s your wedding and dancing shows your happiness. Dance with your wife, mum, mother-in-law and grandma. Encourage your grooms-men to dance too, the more on the dance floor the better.

Cooper Wedding by Ryan Heywood Photography

Baldwin and Clough Wedding By Studio 60 Photography
Whisper Sweet nothings
Tell your bride how beautiful she looks. She has to hear it over and over. Everything you see about her, all the shopping, all the money that was spent was for you alone. Too many compliments are never enough.

Davenport Wedding by Tim Coulson Photography
Over The Top
Organise a surprise for your bride, something that will really take her breath away. You can easily hire a celebrity singer to present your favourite song but make sure the person is introduced properly. One groom hired the bride’s favourite, Marcia Hines. No-one believed it was really her, everyone thought she was an impersonator. Otherwise, fireworks could add extra sparkle to the occasion, a sky-writer might write your names up amongst the clouds.

Amy and James Wedding By Popcorn Photography

Monday, November 12, 2012

Latest Gowns from Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

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Latest Gowns from Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

Design by Anne Avantie
Photography by Hermawan (Getty)

Jakarta Fashion Week is Indonesia's annual premiere fashion event as a universal platform for innovative brands who wish to associate themselves with design, style and luxury. Southeast Asia's most influential fashion event shows a promising future for Indonesia's fashion to enter the global fashion market.
This year Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 was held from 3rd-9th of November and Wedding Style Guide is excited to share with you the amazing gowns showcased by our Indonesian neighbours.

Design by Ivan Gunawan
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Design by Rusly Tjohnardi
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Left: Design by Rusly Tjohnardi - Right: Design by Khanaan
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Design by Anne Avantie
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Design by Anne Avantie
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Left: Design by Elok Rege Napio - Right: Design by Anne Avantie
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Design by Anne Avantie
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Design by Anne Avantie
Photography by Irvan Arryawan (Getty)

Design by Cecilia Yuda & Lisa Daryono - Benten
Photography by Hermawan (Getty)

Design by Cecilia Yuda & Lisa Daryono - Benten
Photography by Hermawan (Getty)

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Johanna Johnson Attic Sale Sydney + Trunk Show Melbourne

The gorgeous Viva gown from Johanna Johnson

Sydney Attic Sale

Johanna Johnson will be holding an Attic Sale on the 16th and 17th of November. The event will be the first of it’s kind for Johanna Johnson and will be held in our studio in Paddington on Glenmore Road.  The sale will include pieces from Johanna’s personal archives along with the first ever sale of Johanna Johnson sample gowns. Patrons will also have their pick over accessories and discounted lifestyle pieces. For more information please contact 02 9360 9411 or

The stunning Vintage gown from Johanna Johnson

Melbourne Trunk Show

Johanna Johnson is also hosting a  Trunk Show at the Cullen Hotel in Melbourne on the 23rd and 24th of November  This event will showcase the new 2013 bridal collection along with their Hero core collection (Ready to Wear)  The event will be by appointment only. Appointments will see future brides along with two guests view the new collection with the assistance of Johanna Johnson stylists. Limited edition gowns will be available for immediate sale while Johanna Johnson’s made to order service will also be available for select gowns. Appointments will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm both days. Customers can contact them directly on 02 9360 9411 to book their appointment or email

Monday, November 5, 2012

Bridal Gowns 2013

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This season's collection is homage to the original Ritz in Paris. The gilded elegance, the richness of colour and texture, the vintage inspired French laces of Alencon and Chantilly reflect the charming and lively personality of The Ritz Paris and today's discerning, modern bride. Spring/Summer 2013 is energized by youthful, innovative takes fused with traditional classics.

Sapphire sea, an endless blue sky, the scent of sweet flowers drifting on the breeze, and a girl dreaming of her lover.
Dutch born Victorian artist Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema painted scenes of languid beauties reminiscent of Roman deities, but his subjects are unmistakably human. Caught in a moment of relaxation or idle daydream we can almost feel the cool marble and the warm Mediterranean sunlight.
Elements of precious embellishment, sun drenched colour and effortless luxury set the stage for our modern goddesses.

Alice Temperley’s timeless, feminine designs combine meticulous detail and embellishments with an English eccentricity and personality drawing on everything British; Temperley is the modern day ‘Cool Britannia’.
The past ten years have earned the House of Temperley critical acclaim and devoted fans around the world, dressing Royalty to the red carpet. Amongst many others, Temperley London fans include; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Reese Witherspoon and Emma Roberts.

For her Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Ines Di Santo was captivated by one of Europe’s most romantic cities. Known as the “Queen of the Adriatic”, Venice, and more specifically the city’s annual Carnevale, inspired Ines with its ornate masks, exuberant spirit and grandeur. Reminiscent of the fashions of Italy’s opulent Baroque Era, the enchanting collection is rich with jewelled embroidery, infusions of colour and feminine elegance.
The names of the gowns are steeped in history, in juxtaposition with the softness of the designs themselves, just as the collection blends lightness and decadence. Dreamy gowns of blush Silk Gazar and powder blue give way to rich Macramé and Alençon lace appliqués. Alluring translucent bodices and illuminated champagne metallic chiffon dance before tiered voluminous skirts and laser cut layers of organza.
Inspired by the legendary celebration of Carnevale, the Spring/Summer 2013 collection was created for the most personal celebration of all.

The twinkling lights of Paris are reflected throughout this collection. Soft, delicate sparkle & shine, shimmer & flitter are the foundation of this airy and layered collection of young and feminine gowns using a mix of tulle,lace and unique fabrications throughout.

Beverly Hills-based Winnie Couture is where modern sophistication meets timeless elegance—with a touch of red-carpet sparkle.