Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why not include your pet in the wedding...


If you’ve decided that your wedding is going to be a gathering of your nearest and dearest friends and family both of the two and four-legged kind, that’s fabulous!
There are however just a few little things you may want to do to ensure your furry guests are prepared for your big day and their part in the celebrations. 
Firstly you want to make sure that they are familiar with the venue. Take them to the ceremony and the reception venue if they will be attending both so they can sniff around and become a little more familiar with everything. 
If you have an outfit for them or special collar, give them a chance to wear it for a least a few hours at some point before the big day. Ensure they are comfortable, and get used to the feeling of it.

Scout out the area with your dog and make sure there is a place that the person taking care of your dog on the day can set up a water bowl for your beloved pet.

If your dog is well trained and you’ve decided they will have a specific task on the day, like bring the rings down the aisle on their own or run down with a ‘here comes the bride’ sign, practice with them a few times before your wedding. If possible, bring a few friends with you who will also be attending the wedding.

Remember, your dog might get distracted or overwhelmed by all the people they see. The person at the end of the aisle can use things like small treats to entice your dog to execute their duties perfectly. 

Preparing your pooch for your wedding is really important. Having said that, dogs can be unpredictable at times so just make sure that if they do something you weren’t expecting, like stop halfway down the aisle to get a pat from someone they know or do a little piddle, it’s no big deal.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wedding hair trends..


Like most hair trends we look to the Red carpet and Fashion week for inspiration- A Wedding is no different.

This season we are influenced by the latest Movie: The Gatsby – with the Vintage 20’s water waves and classic styles being more and more requested by brides – even their hair accessories are vintage inspired.   

The classic ballerina bun: This trend has been popular in the last few seasons but we see it with a modern take on a classic look some wearing it high and sleek and even Hilary Duff had a messy looser version!

Braid: For a romantic look try a braid – One bride said that she didn’t mind what hairstyle her bridesmaids had, all she wanted was for a braid to be incorporated in each style. This was a good way for everyone to have a style that suited them but have one thing that tied it all together.

One other big trend which is becoming more popular is the Bride having two styles on the day – one for the Ceremony, generally more formal and structured and one for the Reception, generally looser relaxed and even taken down- you will need to ask your hairstylist if this is a service they offer if it is something you may consider. Be sure to consider it in your budget too as this will be an extra cost.

Deciding on the right hair style for your wedding can be a difficult task!   I tell all my brides to take the style of their dress, face shape and overall theme of their wedding into consideration- eg vintage, glamour etc. 

Choosing a style that is classic, timeless and elegant is most important and looking back on your memories in years to come it won’t have dated!

The most important thing to remember when choosing hair for your wedding is that you feel comfortable with the style you have chosen. Because, you don’t want to be feeling uncomfortable on one of the most important days of your life!

Hair: Grace Fratamico                        Makeup: Genna Trolio       Josie – Laque Hair and Beauty

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not enough hours in a day...


Permanent makeup Do you ever feel like there are just not enough hours in the day?




When every minute counts, sometimes it’s nice to take a few things off your list on a permanent basis. The solution you are looking for may well be permanent makeup - a cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing the skin to give the appearance of wearing makeup.

Using inks to change the pigmentation of the dermis, the procedure can be used to replicate eye makeup and lipstick, and also draw in missing features such as eyebrows or beauty spots. In some cases it is used also for disguise – to hide scars, white spots or facial blemishes.

Once you have decided what kind of look you want, and chosen your colours, a preparatory outline is then sketched onto your skin. The pigment is applied with a hollow needle, and the colour released into fine holes in the top layer of your skin. The procedure may sting slightly and the colours will take a few weeks to fade, but there are no side effects and you will be left with a long term natural looking solution, that saves you time, and keeps you looking fresh and ready to go, every day.


Selina Lam is an Australian Certified Trainer of SofTap® Cosmetic Tattoo and certified supplier of SofTap products. She is well known for her professional reputation and skill, and her ability to apply makeup in a precise and detailed way, giving you a subtle and natural look. She is also renowned for her work in disguising scarring, and skin discolouration and for reproducing the appearance of pigment in reconstructed areolas.

SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics offer high quality training, pigments, and 100% disposable hand tools to permanent cosmetic professionals. Selina is available for one to one training in SofTap® machine free techniques, or for a free no obligation consult. Using the SofTap® range of products, Selina can tailor the look you need from bold and exotic to subtle and natural. SofTap® clients can enjoy professional permanent makeup solutions for eyes, eyebrows, lips, and more.

Selina Lam and SofTap® products

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