Monday, May 6, 2013

Short or long..which one will you choose...

You can get short wedding dresses in all kinds of colours and materials, but you must remember that if you have a fairly light fabric even the smallest breeze will be able to lift that bad boy up. Being shorter these dresses are only for those confident enough to wear them. You can't get your pins out if you're too afraid to show them. You do have to be careful however as they are non-traditional, so if you have a traditionalist type of family they make not like your choice of dress what so ever. As the theory goes, the shorter the dress, the higher your risk of looking a little out of place. We know you want to be the centre of attention on your big day but you don’t need to show lots of leg to do so.

So what are the pros to having a shorter wedding dress? Well as previously stated you won't be tripping up unnecessarily on loose fabrics, and if you’re getting wed in a slightly warmer climate then a shorter dress can help to keep you cool as the last thing you want it so be a sweaty mess. They are also more affordable due to there being a lot less fabric being used, and due to their status of not being in as high in demand.

They can make you look the bee’s knees and if you are confident enough it will shine through on the big day, giving you a healthy glow and a beautiful smile. Being smaller, they are easily packed and transported if you have to travel a long distance to your venue or if you are going abroad.

The downsides to having a shorter dress start with tradition. If your family are highly religious then the last thing you want to be doing if offending them all. Because they are not as widely worn or as popular some people see it. You can't really wear one in less warm weather as you will generally ‘freeze to death’, looking pasty and shivering like a nervous wreck. They are very hard to pull off as they only suit certain figures, however with the right bride and the right conditions they can look simply breathe taking.
You can find all sorts of galleries and information on such dresses online. Why not have a look around andsee what you discover, or to search for the latest and greatest deals.

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