• Teeth
    One year before your wedding pay a visit to your dentist to fix all your teeth problems. It is always good to consult your dentist in time, since if you want some major teeth corrections it may took months or even a year to achieve the best result. If you want to fix various imperfections such as crooked teeth or tooth chips it is better to consult your dentist as soon as possible in order to achieve a perfect, bright smile on your wedding.
    A teeth-whitening program should be started about 6 month in advance regardless of whether it is done with high-tech laser light or with whitening strips.
  • Makeup

    Wedding is the highlight moment in every woman’s life so make sure you pay enough attention to your beauty. Makeup is one of the most important things that can guarantee your success. It enhances your wonderful features, giving you a bright, sophisticated and extremely feminine look that will definitely make you the center of attention on your magical day.

    When it is only four month left until the wedding, you should start to consider what type of makeup would you like to wear on your special day. Get a consultation from your makeup artist so that you can purchase in time those products that are essential to create a stunning makeup for yourself. This way you can also shop for some must-have items that you’ll have with you for small touch-ups.
    In order to shine like a diva, make sure you choose a makeup style that matches your personality and flatters your greatest assets. Opt for waterproof eyeliner and quality makeup products so that these will guarantee a long-lasting, flawless look all day long.