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Plan the perfect Hen's Night...

For Guests and Party Planners: Bridal Shower Tips and Tricks That Most of the Girls Don’t Know

Pre-wedding celebrations are never complete without the right hen party theme. Attending one (even if you’re not the bride) can certainly be nerve-wracking especially if you know zilch about the proper protocols regarding these parties.

If you’re thinking about what presents to give or perhaps what dress can you appropriately wear to the event then worry no more! With our wide-ranging tips, you’ll surely find the perfect gift and fabulous clothes to wear.

Themes To Consider

One of the easiest hen party themes to do is to channel the latest fashion trend. Whether the current “in” thing is the classic, elegant look or the rugged, boho-chic style, the great thing here is you’ll now be able to strut your stuff and evoke your inner fashionista.

To take things up a notch, you can toss quotable quotes about fashion and style or hold a contest where everyone votes the best-dressed lady in the party.

Just imagine a room full of fun, girly style characters. Wouldn’t that be perfect? No wonder why many brides-to-be opt for Walt Disney movie themed parties. Ask your guests to dress up as their favorite Disney princess or heroine and you’ll surely have a night full of wondrous time as you and your guests bring to life the very characters you’ve admired from the big screen.


Bridal Gift List

So, how many hours have you spent searching for the perfect gift? Still haven’t found one yet? If you’re having a difficult time finding one then you might want to consider that all hen party themes have their corresponding gift ideas and all you have to do is pick one that suits the corresponding party theme.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to follow this guideline to a T. Be as unique as you want to be. Opt for gift items such as free pole dancing lessons, margarita cocktail kits, mini cosmetic cases and many more. You can also try personalizing your gift – if the bride is known to be as the “always late” one of the group then you can give her a watch or a wall clock or if she is a busy woman, a treat to the spa or shopping certificate would be perfect.

What To Wear

Now let’s talk about what to wear. Bridal showers typically have their corresponding dress codes if there’s a particular motif in place; otherwise you’re free to wear anything, as long as it’s not too casual like ratted jeans, tees, or shorts. Wear something understated and yet still stylish, something that will emphasize your features without upstaging the bride of course. Hen party themes are reasonably flexible to dress for especially if you think you can get away by bending the dress code a bit.

Food Ideas

Of course, any bridal shower wouldn’t be complete without exquisite food to cap off the event! Are you and your friends fond of sweets? Then go for luscious desserts such as cakes, pies, cookie bars, cheesecakes and any other frozen treats. The key thing to keep in mind here is to make sure that everyone will enjoy the food.
Author bio:  Ria’s mastery of hen party ideas and event planning makes her one of our most in demand authors. She has seen the best and the worst with these kinds of parties so you’d do well to heed her numerous tips.

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