Thursday, July 16, 2009

Melangerie Magic
The lovely Elana from Melangerie Inc in New York kindly emailed me some pics of the amazing work she's been doing for her hip clients across the US. Based in Brooklyn, Melangerie Inc are the top of the ladder when it comes to curating, creating and presenting custom gifts, memorabilia and event related bits and pieces. The pics I've featured below are from a recent early summer wedding held in the trendy Hamptons. How divine! To find out more about Melangerie Inc's absolutely incredible work visit

A gorgeous gift bag of beach-day essentials packaged for guests in a RuMe reusable tote containing a custom designed guide to the wedding weekend filled with important info about wedding events, places to eat and hang out, as well as directions and a hand-drawn map of the area. Guests also received snacks from local producers incl. Hampton Popcorn Company, Tate's Cookies and NY Spring Water.

The hand drawn, letter pressed guide to the Hamptons, poppped in the goodie bags for guests to enjoy. Such a fab idea!

The couple who commisioned the gifts also gave guests travel backgammon sets, one of their fave beach pastimes

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