Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pearly Whites
It is of utmost importance to have your pearly whites pristine for your big day. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous bride smiling with joy, only to showcase a mouthful of yellow chompers. Ewwwww! So, to avoid this I suggest you take the advice of GOSMiLE and keep some handy refreshers in your purse. FLASHLiTES and Touch Up's instantly refresh your smile and breath and are so easy to carry around. For stronger whitening opt for the FLASHLiTES or if you only need to remove a few stains throughout the day go for the Touch Up's. They taste yummy too! Visit to find out more about these super handy teeth whiteners.

Touch Up Mini's $14.95 in Mint-licious, Pear-licious and Peach-licious


Posted by Emilie Harrison

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