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Planning your wedding....

Are you Making the top 10 Rookie Mistakes brides make when planning a wedding? 

We asked planning guru Jane Anderson of 'Calm Happy Bride' which mistakes to avoid ... AND she has an exclusive gift for Wedding Style Guide readers  ... 

"Some weddings are just different.  They linger in your memory as especially beautiful and individual.  You know the ones, they seem effortless and everything just feels 'right'. 
Well, they are the weddings where the bride is fully 'there' on the day ... she's in the moment... all the details are handled ... ALL of them ... and she is free to enjoy the day. 
We see a lot of brides get into the middle of their wedding planning and feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the task and all the decisions they have to make. 
Getting a grip on the details, and keeping your cool, is so important to creating a special and individual event.

So, here are 10 'rookie mistakes' to avoid if you don't want to turn into one of those harpy creatures that no-one - including your husband to be - recognises!!  

1) You aren't sequencing your purchasing decisions strategically... It sounds sensible, but many brides rush to buy all the small details, and then find that the larger factors, the venues for instance, don't really work. Getting the sequencing right is everything in putting together an amazing event. It means it all hangs together more coherently and you aren't spending twice! 

2) You don't really know what you are spending …. We find that breaking costs down to totals per head is a real reality check. If you do this, you can see what the wedding, or the reception, is really costing. Then you can make an informed assessment of whether that's reasonable or whether you need to make some adjustments. 

3) You haven't actually heard the band playing... Music can make or break a wedding. If you are having any form of live music, you MUST listen to them before hand, either on CD or via a download or go and visit them at a gig. For both the ceremony and the reception, music is key and it's too late on the night if you discover your band is more karaoke that ratpack.

4) You asked your bridesmaids before you talked about costs and expectations... Tricky one, especially if you aren't intending to meet all the costs of their participation in your wedding. Be clear with your attendants about your expectations of them, both in terms of what you expect them to pay for and what you would like them to do on the day. Often, people will be looking for gentle direction from you as they want you to be happy with the day. 

5) You are 'telling' your suppliers what you want ... We see this alot. Talking relies on the picture in the other person's mind matching the one in yours and is not very reliable. For instance 'antique white' can be different things to different people... some think of the Dulux colour, others think more cream. So, where possible send photographs, send fabric swatches, email images of what you want and be precise IN WRITING. Don't assume your suppliers and attendants just know what you are talking about. Show them. 

6) You think you need a wedding planner ... We have nothing against wedding planners. Some do a truly exceptional job. But, you can plan and deliver your wedding yourself as long as you have a good plan. There are some secrets, but it isn't a black art and especially if you are on a budget, effective delegation and prior organisation will get you through the day. 

7) You haven't met your photographer... Sitting down with your chosen photographer or videographer - the person actually taking your photos on the day - is really important. What they deliver will be the record of the day forever. Firstly, you need to get along. They will be an important component on the day and if you don't click, it can be really awkward. Secondly, its a chance to give a list of 'must have' photos of people.  And thirdly, it will give you a chance to understand how they work. For instance, will there be a big spotlight if you are having a video. If your photographer can't meet you, think about changing to one who can prioritise you. 

8) You haven't spoken with your fiancé about what you expect from each other on the wedding day ... This is an interesting one which we hear quite a lot. The last thing you think you need to think about is your fiancé right? He's going to want to spend every minute by your side right? Ok, every couple is different, but a quick chat with the love of your life about how you would both like to the wedding to go is a good idea. Sounds unromantic, but sometimes assumptions and expectations are wildly different and can lead to disappointment. 

9) You are copying your best friend's wedding... Taking inspiration from weddings you love is a great idea, but replicating has a sense of competition and will leave the day feeling empty. Plan your wedding, your way and ensure the day is a reflection of you and your fiance. 

10) You don't have a step-by-step plan ....  Please, please, please plan. You need two, one to guide you in the preparation and one for the wedding day. If you don't have both you will run over budget (more than 85% of brides say they did) and you are likely to get more frazzled than you need to be... that will effect you, your relationships and the day itself. So, plan the plan, then do the plan!"

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