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Honey moon destination..


Choosing your honeymoon trip can
be quite confusing as nowadays there are so many destinations to choose from. You could go on a romantic cruise or choose one of the old favourites like Hawaii, the Caribbean or Mexico. You might consider a trip to Europe to see some of the capital cities or even head for Japan to visit some of its temples. The choices are endless and there are no hard and fast rules about where you should spend your honeymoon - it depends entirely on your taste and preference.
If you enjoy dining, the arts and shopping you can't go far wrong with a city break. This has the added advantage that there is something to be enjoyed in any season. Make sure you book early if you want tickets for the theatre or special art exhibitions. Popular restaurants also get booked up and it would be a good idea to book ahead in order to avoid disappointment. Buy a good guidebook or check out the information online.
What could be more romantic than a honeymoon is Paris? Be aware, however, that it is not one of the cheaper places, as indeed many European cities are quite expensive. You might consider Chicago or New York, both have some wonderful architecture to explore as well as parks and open spaces. You might try Santa Fe, where you can get fabulous food and experience a great native American feel. If your budget is large you might consider Cape Town in South Africa with its warm climate and fine wines.
Remember to pack some comfortable shoes for a city break, as you will do a lot of walking, but also take some smart clothes for restaurants and theatre visits. Remember that cities are quite often cheaper in the off-season and you'll also encounter fewer tourists and shorter queues.
If you want to spend your honeymoon in the great outdoors you need to consider the seasons carefully. You might want to visit one of the American National Parks, just remember that national park lodges get booked out months in advance, so you need to book early. If you have your heart set on a Grand Canyon mule ride, it is essential to book six to eight months in advance. If you are getting married in the winter you could stay in one of the quiet, romantic inns in the Canadian Rockies. If you love the great outdoors, but still want a bit of pampering, look for destinations near luxury hotels, where you can get spa treatments and candlelit dinners.
For those who enjoy a beach holiday, remember that many of the Caribbean islands are known for their all inclusive honeymoon resorts. Food, drinks and sports are all included in the price and this makes it easy to budget. The downside is that it keeps you tied to one particular beach resort. It depends entirely on your tastes as to what type of resort you choose. Key West, Florida has small hotels and B&Bs together with a lively nightlife while North Carolina's Outer Banks combine history, nature and sea activities. For something really memorable, try a beach on an exotic island like the Maldives in the Indian Ocean, where you will experience true luxury.
A cruise has always been popular for honeymoons and some of the new mega-vessels offer everything you would get on land. You could also try a Mediterranean cruise on one of the smaller vessels. You should check up what life on board might be like: will there be late night parties and are you required to dress for dinner? You also need to check on incidental expenses, such as land excursions and tips for staff.
Just remember that this is your honeymoon and the first few days you will be spending together as husband and wife. Choose something you both enjoy and don't be tied down by convention.

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