Friday, January 6, 2012

Vera Wang Behind the Scenes 2012 Fall Collection

Vera Wang presents in this video her inspiration for the 2012 Fall Bridal Collection.

Her inspiration came from fashion, witches and covens and she tried to present a totally different perspective to normal bridal fashions by creating a sense of mystery and beauty using underwear colours of nude and black.

Really unique and potentially unusual designs!

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christina said...

Well done for being so creative Vera Wang. Black is the new white for 2012. Who said brides need to dress in white nowadays a bridal gown can even be in rainbow colours.
We look forward to seeing Australia's bridal industry show some unique styling for 2012.
With love from Register Your Wedding xoxoxox

Solid Men'S Dress Shirts said...

I had a great time watching that fashion video. Love the outfits, very fashionable and sophisticated.