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The Tradition of a Trousseau

The tradition of a trousseau is age-old, when a woman began sewing clothes at an early age in anticipation of her marriage. 
The word ‘trousseau’ comes from the French word ‘trousse’ meaning ‘little bundle’. 

While the concept of a trousseau is no longer practical, the idea of shopping for your wedding night and honeymoon is still enduring and relevant. The implication is timeless! New clothes for a new life!

Depending on where your honeymoon is, you might be packing bikinis for the beach or evening dresses for a European escape. Combine fabrics – cashmere, cotton, silk and lace – to create versatility.

Pashmina Shawl

For any trousseau and any destination, a few pieces are essential; a lightweight cotton robe, a cashmere twin set, a little black dress with high-heels and a neutral-toned pashmina shawl and black leggings for comfort ease and practicality.

A trousseau encompasses the going away outfit, honeymoon attire and those special pieces of lingerie you may have purchased for your wedding. 

Although it’s unseen by most, your lingerie is actually a very significant part of your trousseau, and should be carefully chosen.
Lingere Shower Invitation

You may like to hold a “Lingerie Party” or “Lingerie Shower” with your friends in the lead up to your wedding. Many Lingerie companies will come to you with a full range and create an evening of entertainment for you and your friends. This can be a fun way to browse lingerie and ensure correct sizing. In most cases the Lingerie company will give the host free goods in return for holding the party!

Have your lingerie fitted
by an expert

Working with experienced Lingerie fitters (plus your friend’s input) can ensure that you find the right lingerie for you. Lingerie can flatter your figure or give you a cleavage that suits your wedding gown, smooth your stomach, back or hips.

It is important to take into account if the lingerie can be seen through your wedding gown as some fabrics can be clingy so something plain but made of silky fabric is a good choice. You should take colour into consideration as well. Neutral colours like apricot or flesh coloured lingerie are less obtrusive under a white wedding gown.

Choose the right bra for your gown!

Depending on the bodice of your wedding gown your choice of bra will be important as you do not want to be adjusting straps all day. Strapped or strapless it is a good idea to wear the bra for a day prior to your wedding to make sure you are comfortable. Taking it to all your fittings can also ensure you have the right lingerie for the day. Most Lingerie fitters are experienced with advising you on the right style for your dress.

Another part of your trousseau is the Going Away Outfit. Choose an outfit that looks glamorous and can be worn again, plus matches jewellery and accessories that you may already have. You won’t be able to wear your wedding dress again but your Going Away Outfit can be a reminder of the special day for months or years to come. 

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