Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you prepared to break with tradition for your wedding?

It is your wedding! Or is it? Sometimes it can feel like everyone but you has a say about what is going to happen on your day.

                “You can’t do that! That is not what a wedding is about!”
                “You have to do it this way. We’ve always done that in our family!”
                “Where did you think that idea up from?”
                “Our family always does it this way!”

Parents of many brides and grooms want to put their five cents worth into the planning of your wedding. Family and friends may mean well with their ideas and contributions of “ideal” wedding plans but this can lead to arguments and upset.
Renaissance Wedding

At the beginning of all the planning you had a picture of how you saw the day falling into place. You want your wedding to be different. Perhaps a unique theme, change the vows, sing modern songs or have a complete break from traditional wedding music. You and your partner have been to plenty of other weddings and you don’t want to have just another beautiful but traditional wedding day.

This decision leads you into unchartered water. How will your family and friends react to your  idea? They know you are rule breakers with modern views and all you want is a day that reflects who you are as a couple.
Gothic Wedding Theme
Gothic Wedding Cake

In ancient times the bride was given to the groom’s family! The white dress signified virginity, the cake was a symbol of fertility and the bridesmaids dressed like the bride to confuse evil spirits ! The groom stood on the right of the bride so he could use his right hand to grab his sword to fend off enemies who wanted to steal his bride!

Western Wedding

Then in Victorian times we introduced bouquets of flowers for the bride. The bouquet was made from scented flowers or herbs to held to hide the smell  of an unclean society or to ward off all those evil spirits!

We carry on these traditions, mostly without even knowing why. We aren’t tied to these traditions for any of these old reasons anymore but so it continues!  Our parents did it so their expectations are that you should have a great church wedding, white dress and wonderful sit down dinner!
Western Wedding Cake

These days you can have many different themes that can be amazing fun for you and your guests. Just maybe not considered to be a great idea by your parents! Remember that it is your party and it is your wedding day. This is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life. Share with your grandchildren and demonstrates your personality to them and everyone on the day.

You can have fun being different! Be prepared for some arguments but don’t let it stop you being quirky and different! Go for it and make your day extra special!
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aurea @ pricewise events said...

I think, if it's your wedding, nobody can say it is right or wrong unless you've asked them for some advice. How can you make it the wedding of your dreams when everybody's getting involved with it? :D

engagement rings said...

Gothic wedding cake and western wedding cake- love it!
I think everyone can do whatever it takes to have the wedding of your dreams:)