Thursday, December 3, 2009

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One of the best parts of my job is working with incredibly inspiring designers, stylists and artists in creating our stories. This issue I was fortunate enough to collaborate with the wonderful Shannon Fricke for our Gift Registry story. Shannon is well known from the Lifestyle Channel's Home program and her regular columns in the fabulous Inside Out magazine. I've long admired her relaxed and honest style of decorating - it seems very comfortable and unassuming.

A gift registry is a fabulous opportunity to set up your house with all the bits and pieces that will make it your home but knowing which pieces to choose can be difficult. With this in mind we asked Shannon to give us a glimpse into her personal style, guiding us in what she sees as important when decorating a home.

The opening page to our story with Shannon Fricke.

I'm sure you will find this story helpful and interesting, especially if you're struggling to find your own sense of style. If you'd like even more inspiration, Shannon's books are available nationally at all good bookstores - they are a wonderful source of reference.

Posted by Jane Cameron

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