Thursday, December 17, 2009

Smelly Good

Who doesn't love walking into a room with a gorgeous scented candle burning? I challenge you to find a single person! French candle brand Cire Trudon have released the cutest new miniature sized candles, which would be perfect for table setting or bomboniere. Each miniature is gift boxed and presented in the signature green Cire Trudon glass. The favoured candle of Marie Antoinette (who we love!), this historic French brand would make a very romantic addition to a wedding. Cire Trudon also create an oversized candle La Grand Bougie, which has over 700 burn hours and is made from 2.8 kg of wax. At $650 is pricey but would make a remarkable wedding gift for candle lovers. If you're looking for something in between there is always the divine mid sized candle. Available in 13 fragrances and with 90 hours burn time it's perfect! Miniature candle with 30hrs burn time $65AUD, medium with 90hrs burn time $99AUD and oversized with 700+hrs burn time $650AUD. Call 02 9339 0220 or email to find your nearest stockist.

Posted by Emilie Harrison

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