Friday, August 24, 2018

The biggest wedding trends to hit twenty eighteen

Calling all #bridestobe! If you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding or in the midst of it all, we are super excited to share with you some info! Forget about recreating a Romantic Vineyard 2.0 look – we’ve got the word on the latest wedding trends to hit twenty eighteen. And trust us, you’re going to love them all! Here’s our forecast for the top wedding trends of Australia in 2018. 


 Stylish floral hanging displays were introduced towards the end of 2015 in one of our bridal photo shoots  and the trend has only just picked up (yep, we’re always three steps ahead!)
Expect to see more hanging flowers and greenery in 2018. Not only does it create a dynamic to the space by experimenting with shifting heights and viewpoints, but it also provides more opportunity on your tables to introduce additional elements like candles, or big sharing platters
hanging flowers lenzo
hanging flowers lenzo


We love love LOVE see-through elements and décor – it’s so on-point for the modern and minimalist couple who love to play with clean lines and futuristic flairs.
Think Perspex hanging seating plans, tablescapes, chairs, and even invites + menus. We think these clear ghost chairs from Melbourne’s Wedding Planner will set the scene perfectly, and look INCREDIBLE in an intimate venue as it gives the illusion there’s extra room – less really is more!
ghost chairs lenzo
perspex menus lenzo


In 2018, we’ll be seeing more and more weddings abandon the large guestlist + formal sit-down dinner. Instead, grazing tables are predicted to take over as the go-to meal option for couples looking for elaborate spreads and indulgent feasts. Not only are they an incredibly easy way to cater to a variety of tastes for your special event, but they’re also super social.
grazing table lenzo
grazing table lenzo


One of the biggest wedding trends we’re anticipating for 2018 is saturating your event with an enormous can’t-miss-it balloon display. Why let kids have all the fun? We want in on this playful decoration that can be perfectly customised to your event space: we promise that it will add an instant wow factor. Who knew a ball of hot air could become so on-trend!? 
balloon arch lenzo
balloon arch lenzo

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