Tuesday, August 14, 2018


We all know a simple DIY wedding would save your money by using some handmade details. What’s more, it’s also great for brides who want their big day extra special with their own thoughts. That’s the reason why so many brides pay attention to wedding decoration, especially wedding table setting décor. So today in this post we will introduce you to DIY wedding centerpieces ideas for your reception. 
#1 Candle Vases Centerpieces
Simple vases with lighting candles, you will love this for the table setting. By the way, add water for a floating look if you are interested.
candle vases lighting diy wedding centerpieces

#2 Painted Bottles
Painted bottles centerpieces will be perfect for your rustic wedding. Gather different shapes of bottles and just paint! Wrap them with twine and decorated with wheat, which makes a great rustic inspired wedding.
DIY painted bottles wedding centerpieces with flowers and wheat for rustic weddings

#3 Wine Glasses Table Decor
Common wine glasses container wedding centerpieces will make your wedding quite special and earthy with some little things, like stones, sands, succulent or any cut flowers.
simple diy wine glasses centerpiece ideas

#4 Mason Jars Wedding Centerpieces
If you read my other post about mason jars, you would know mason jars are terrific for every wedding décor, let alone centerpieces.
DIY rustic inspired mason jars wedding table setting and centerpieces

#5 Lanterns Centerpieces
Different shaped lanterns in nude colors make great table centerpieces, especially when the sun sets. Decorated with mason jars and seashells, an outdoor beach wedding table setting will show its real charm.
DIY handmade lantern wedding centerpieces ideas

#6 Sand and Flowers
Finally, my favorite wedding centerpieces idea – sand & flowers. Glass vases, colored sands and single bloomed peony, which décor will be more creative than this? Just buy some sands from local store and add the flower. You will find the beauty!
DIY wedding centerpieces with sand and peonies
DIY sand and flower wedding centerpieces for beach themed wedding
DIY flower and sand wedding table setting decoration ideas

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