Monday, October 29, 2012

Talking Tables

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Hannah & Rhys Clark by Ryan Ahern | Cathleen and Eric by Jose Villa Photography

WWhen it comes to organising your reception there are no rules on how to set up your seating plan.

Alysia & Kym Regan By Fi Mims Photography | Hannah & Rhys Clark by Ryan Ahern

Allow yourself to think outside the square. Be different. Join the tables together to create shapes or set up an arrangement that is surprising and different of your own that will WOW your guests!

Brittany Baldwin & Mitchell Clough by Studio Sixty Photography & Todd Hunter McGaw
Of course the table where the bride and groom sit should stand out after all it is your big day and you are the King and Queen of the day! You can make the “head” table stand out by where you place it or with different decorations to the rest of the room.

Hannah & Rhys Clark by Ryan Ahern
If you know which guests are real party starters make sure you situate them close to the dance floor! For those weddings with a large number of guests make the outside tables that are further away from the Head Table extra special so those guests don’t feel like they’re not important to you too.

Cathleen & Eric by Jose Villa Photography

Hannah & Rhys Clark by Ryan Ahern

Massimilano & Maria Assunta by Timo Schwartz

Kara & James Spokes by Daniel John Bilsborough Photography

Lauryn & Robert Riordan By Fiona Stone Photography

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