Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoe News

One small problem I've have had to battle with ever since I could wear high heels was the fact I can struggle to get shoes that actually fit without party feet or innersoles. I worked in a shoe store for years while at Uni and would always put first dibs on any style that arrived in a size 5. Yes, I have tiny feet and unfortunately it runs in my family with all my four sisters and my Mum being under a size 6.5. I had an email from the lovely Lee at Peeptoe Shoes letting me know they are now offering a selection of styles in both sizes 34 (4) and 42 (12). So, if you're after shoes slightly smaller or larger than what's currently on offer in many stores I suggest you visit and browse the new size range. Below is a sample of some of the styles available in the new sizes, although there are heaps more so check them out!

L-R - Miss Sarah & Miss Munroe

L-R - Miss Buckingham & Miss Soho

Posted by Emilie Harrison


anna and the ring said...

I love the look and style of "Peeptoe Shoes." What's their quality like?

Style Guide said...

I don't own a pair but I've tried them on and we've had pairs sent for shoots. I just wish I could wear shoes this high! They're all leather uppers and lining, some with leather soles, so the quality is very good. You'll never fail to find a colour and style you like too!