Friday, October 2, 2009

Ava Madison Mania

I recently blogged about the new and completely adorable Melbourne label Ava Madison. Well I thought I should let all you eager beavers know the website is now up and running. Their designs are so feminie and pretty and also cater to those more voluptuous girls, making the job of choosing bridesmaids dresses that fit all your girls much less stressful. The website even has a size chart so you'll know exactly what sizes your girls will need. Visit to start drooling!

Posted by Emilie Harrison


j. said...

after spending all day watching their gorgeous model walk around in their dresses I am totally hooked! Thinking of grabbing myself a dress for the cup from Ava Madison!

Style Guide said...

Ohh... an Ava Madison dress would make such a gorgeous dress for the cup and... you'll want to wear it again and again!