Sunday, April 3, 2016

Anglo Couture

Vicky Anglo was born and raised in Athens, Greece surrounded by innovation and artistry. Her Father is a sculpture and provided the artistic environment that so naturally led her to follow in his creative footsteps. At the age of 13, Vicky attended a Bridal Fashion Show that sparked her desire to be part of the fashion industry. With a passion for design, a love for the glamour and elegance of weddings, Vicky attended Newbury College in Boston, MA and majored in Fashion Design. After graduation, Vicky gained hands on experience working as a designer for a bridal accessory company and enjoyed every moment. She fell even further in love with both fashion and design and the wedding industry, and decided to follow her dreams to start her own couture line of wedding gowns. For Vicky, the best part of her job is personally working with each bride to create unique, one of a kind wedding gowns with style, personality, and vision. Everyone is different, we all want our personality to shine-especially on our wedding day- so through innovative design and personal collaboration, Vicky works with our brides to ensure they look as great as they feel on their special day. This is her inspiration ans how Anglo Couture was born!


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