Friday, December 11, 2015

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The new Kenwood MultiOne, a mixer and food processor in one

With celebrity chefs dominating our TV screens and decadent food imagery taking over our social media channels it's no surprise that more and more people are discovering the delights of cooking and baking at home.

The big decision for someone starting out on their culinary journey is whether to buy a mixer or a food processor. It's the age old battle of sweet vs savoury and baking vs cooking. Thankfully the decision is made that little bit easier today with the launch of the Kenwood MultiOne, a machine that offers the best of both worlds: a mixer and a food processor.

Perfect for beginner bakers and cooks, and even couples looking to kit out their first home, the MultiOne can not only whisk, beat and mix up cakes but also in a matter of seconds slice, chop and grate with the food processor.

Mixing is made easy with four bowl tools. Cake batters can be mixed to perfection with the unique K-beater that reaches every part of the bowl, a creaming beater for the most delicate cake mixes, while light and fluffy meringues can be whipped up with the specially-designed balloon whisk. The smell of freshly baked bread will become a regular aroma as users knead bread to perfection with the spiral dough hook, designed to take all the hard work out of the process.

Taking the hassle out of food preparation, the MultiOne also comes with a wide variety of food processor attachments; from stainless steel knife blades, to rotating disks for slicing, grating and rasping and even a citrus press for healthy fresh juices to kick-start the morning.

The range of recipes that can be created with this one machine is endless. For example, make your own bread using the specialised dough spiral hook and finely dice up herbs, tomatoes and onions tear-free for the perfect bruschetta. Make a smooth and creamy pesto sauce for an added Tuscan touch.

Mums and dads looking for a little help making family meals or ways to keep the kids entertained with baking experiments will love the Kenwood MultiOne’s 4.3 litre bowl, big enough for family sized cakes. Mum’s mind will be put at ease knowing that this machine is spring loaded which puts an end any trapped fingers. Flour explosions during kitchen adventures can be prevented thanks to the electronic speed control.

The new machine has been crafted to complement the modern kitchen where space is at a premium. With the stainless steel bowl and sleek design it has been made to be on show.

The Kenwood MultiOne (KHH301WH) is available now at leading electric retailers and department stores priced at $449.

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