Monday, June 8, 2015

Yolan Cris Designs

Press Release – BRIDAL COLLECTION 2015

First of all, we would like to thank to all of you for attending the presentation of the new collection 2015 Bridal YolanCris in Barcelona bridal week.
The show is a summary in essence and spirit of the most studied and careful collection that the designers Yolanda and Cristina Perez, have made up to now.  
Split into two parts, four lines, two for each style. The parade began with the excellence representative style that everyone recognizes the brand, boho-chic and finalize with its most exclusive Haute Couture in bridal collection.

The first part of the show reflects the freshness and youth represented by casual air and bohemian fabrics such as guipure, crochet, combined with fine cotton and linen fibers. They provide a rustic hue but at same time, an especially dedicated each of the collection dresses. As the trendy silhouette tunics, blouses combined bat sleeve skirts made by silk chiffon asymmetrical convex and cuts. Femininity is defined by lace skirts with front pockets and French fabrics like plumeti to detail languid silhouettes. Together, gives a place an exotic and romantic line, result of creativity and originality.
The second part of the show belongs to the highest level and technical design and sewing line. Each dress is elaborated by haute couture ancient techniques and is made ​​by measurement, adapted to each client, one by one, giving relevance to sewing and hand embroidery creating special parts of each dress. That's the reason this haute couture bridal collection is totally unique, made with the finest European fabrics and embroidered rhinestones, guipure pastel silk, embroidered silk tulle combined with French Chantilly lace. Romantic’s neckline cuts in V, low back with mermaid silhouettes, skirts with large volumes asymmetries with blouses look symmetrical borders contrast, modernity and edge showing the new season trend.

This prestigious cosmetics brand offers you a complete experience transporting you on a journey to their origins. Inspirited by the ancient beauty rituals traditions, it provides a brightness source and nutrition for hair. The mystery of amber fragrance, gold luxury and fascination made by precious natural oils: argon oil, and flax of Cyprus.  Its delicious fragrance with a touch of vanilla will bring you into the oriental perfumes fascination. You will be definitely seduced by the new mascara.

The essential part of tea shop is the quality.  Worked by craftsmen product offering  a sense delight and with proven beneficial effects for our health. Working with passion and pride with and the constantly evolving engine, allowing them to offer the service framework with over 2,000 years of history.

Creativity and genius defines Galette. Alba is the brand’s soul, we met in a bridal event month ago and we absolutely felt in love by the way she works. She carefully developing each product and its packaging design, working hand by hand with BISCUITS BCN food designers, they organized a special and romantic design. Need a wedding, event, or catering organization? No do without Galette, you will find the special detail that makes the difference. You will all fall in love with it.
 YolanCris Press Manger Contact:
Silvia Gómez –   - Tel. +34 609 968 475
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