Monday, May 18, 2015

My Beaded Heart

Lirica by Lironc is a brand of hand made hair jewelry & accessories for brides.

The hair jewelry line is called "My Beaded Heart" by Liron Cohen, for its special hand craft technique,

the weave of beads, pearls & crystals on gold and silver plated wires.
The pieces are crafted in organic & natural inspired shapes, such as flowers and leafs.

My S/S 2015 capsule collection was inspired by tender nature & spring blossom.
Each piece have different details & element like flowers do, and they are made with variation of materials to achieve rich texture.
The pieces are made of high quality pearls, glass drops beads, crystals & Japanese beads.  
In my collection i wanted to create soft & romantic bridal style, a princess style.

Which i believe every bride feels on her wedding day.

Photogragry by Rotem Barak.

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