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The Hairstyle.

The woman’s character according to the hairstyle

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The hairstyle influences the confidence and sense of the world. It reflects the inner world of its holder as well as the momentary condition. The hair type says a lot about the character of the person. The length can give away the temperament or the communication skills. 
It is good to know that the hair length determines the quantity and speed of the main brain’s energy. Long hair gives more strength but slow down the reaction and outcome in life. The short one supplies the organism with harsh but powerful energy, speeding the processes in the organism as well as the reaction and outcome of events.
So if you want to keep a happy period in your life let your hair grow. If you want to achieve something within short terms, the short hair will help you.
Let’s go back to the hairstyles. It is a common rule that when a woman wants to change something in her she starts with the hair.
There are more permanent hairstyles that women do not change for years; we will talk about them now.

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Short, sports haircuts speak of dynamicity, energy and health. Women who have such hair manage to realize their personal plans; they manage to get out of every situation without any outside help. Short-haired women look intelligent and confident. Women with very short hair show tough character and emancipation. Open-ears, neck and forehead hairstyles speak of balance and competitive spirit. Their holders are often leaders in everything they do: business, sport, friendship, sex. The ladies who prefer short and very short haircuts as well as those with extravagant and thick bangs are liable to flirt, they are risky, including in love and sex, they are prone to adventures but they are not very practical.
Medium-length haircuts speak of stability, materially speaking.
A “Shiny lion’s mane” haircut speaks about perfect control over work and heart. These hairstyles uncover the art abilities of their holders as well as other positive features – kindness, cheerfulness and romance. People with such hair are cheerful but usually take everything too personal.
More interesting hairstyles like short haircuts on the front with a tail on the back speak of success in society, self-respect and good confidence. The long, freely falling hair is a symbol of the passion which every one of us has; it is a symbol of freedom. Many man nowadays waste time choosing women who to love for their loose hair, expressing a special kind of sexiness according to them. But women with this type of hair are usually energetic, very impulsive, initiative in personal terms.
Long blond and straight hair – it is the girl you can take to a romantic dinner but you will be the only one talking because she’s shy (probably very shy) and only the sparkle in her eyes will tell you you will be seeing each other again. Women having long, dark and curly hair are considered to be not confident and not very intelligent.
Pony tail speaks of women knowing the influence they have on men and they are ready to compete with those who threaten their influence. For women with this type of hair you should put more effort into attracting their attention. They can surprise the man every time they are together. Women who lift their hair lower on the back are confident and not very impulsive. Too flattened pony tail indicates of still women, very exacting and even depressed.
The extensions speak of success in education, crafts and trade.
Dyed or curled hair attract more resources necessary for communication, they are successful in studying and traveling. Red dyed hair for example speaks for the will of the omen to be provoked, to be noticed – not only by the opposite sex. This woman is always initiative and determines her faith all by herself.
Strict haircuts express style, elitism and inaccessibility. Their holders are strict, they like classical things in life. Women with strict and tidy hair are always calm with their loved ones. They do not act extremely emotional and are almost never spontaneous.
The straight box-shaped hair expresses ability to communicate well with the peers as well as with the older ones. Typical for them is that they protect their family, they help creating it although their choice should be approved by the parents.
The Vamp Style hair shows special sexuality. Such hair type speaks for provocativeness to meeting people from the opposite sex.

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Braided hair speaks of inner harmony and peace, lack of contradictions.
Special “teller” of the human character is the bangs: for men as well as for women. Under it usually hidden are the shy, non-confident, the infantile. Women with thick bangs hide something and are always very prone to secrets. If they can, they stay observers all the time. They are very volatile – they change moods, opinions and positions. They wake up with one decision and go to bed with another. They are pretentious and treacherous. They always aim to be recognized at any cost even though they often seemingly “bare” themselves before others. It is an act. They like themselves the way they are.
Evenly distributed hair expresses inner balance. Such people are stable or at least try to be such in everything they do. The twisted on the left hair expresses more determination with women. Hair, twisted on the right speaks for famine features and delicacy in relations.
Open forehead always speaks of energetic, powerful women. They are firm, determined and open. It is all as it should be with them. Discussions are short and usually end the way they want it.
Women who wear a wig suffer of a mania for changing their identity all the time. They look for a stable base but they are never sure in what they do, they try to attract somebody they loved when they were young. Maybe they do not realize it. The covering of the years marks characters that are always insecure; they adjust hard and are not very communicative. They are stubborn but shy and never fully reveal. They are ready to shrink every time they feel coolness. They are easily hurt and are not very faithful

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