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.Will You Marry Me??? 20 Ways to Propose

Marry-me-planeby Lataysha Jackson
Have you found the love of your life?  And are you ready to be with her for rest of your life?  Are you ready to propose?; you're most likely sitting there and saying “OMG how should I propose to her?” Marriage proposals are very important to woman, it is the one moment of our lives that we remember and cherish forever; which is why that very day must be special for us. From the very day we were born; our marriage proposal and wedding was all we could think about, you wouldn’t want to destroy our dream day would you?  The answer this should be no!
You would think “will you marry me” is the most important part of marriage proposals! Well how you propose, and where you propose, and her answer of course is at the top of importance.
The other day my cousin had asked me for some ideas on how he should propose to his girlfriend; I was so honoured and right away I shouted out about a “million” ideas. He knew I was interning at WPIC and he told me because I had so many ideas I should blog it, so here I am!
I picked my top 20 best marriage proposal ideas; some of which are my own ideas and some are researched ideas. Sit back and take note, because these ideas will have you blown away! There were so many that it was hard for me to just choose 20.
20 Marriage Proposal Ideas:
1. Hockey Lovers –  If you and your companion, or if your companion plays or loves to watch hockey; take them to a arena, play a game of hockey or just play around on the ice. At the perfect moment, position the engagement ring on top of the ice puck, and slide the puck over towards her. Once she has received the ring, say a speech and ask “will you marry me”.
2.Bring It Back Old School-  this will most definitely have the “Aww affect”.  Take one of her favourite childhood games and propose to her through the game, example writing “will you marry me” in chalk on the pavement, or having a specially made Frisbee and have “will you marry me” on it.
3. Roses are a girl's best friend- If you wish to keep it simple, but yet romantic, when she is not home put your plan into action. Have rose petals leading from the front door to the kitchen (have a candlelight dinner table set up with roses and roses petals all around). Or have them leading the way to the bedroom. In the room light candles, have roses all over the entire room, with music playing in the background. In the middle of the room on the floor, create a big heart with rose petals and in the middle have the ring; get down on one knee and be ready to propose as soon as she walks in.
4. Scrapbook It- If you have collectable visuals from when you first met till now. Take 1 picture that highlights the best moment of the year you were together, adding up to the total of year’s you have been together. Under each picture write a caption, a quote, or a poem.
Example: If you were together for 5 years, have 5 photos and put it in the scrapbook, and the 6th picture could be a picture of the wedding ring, or you could have the ring attached. This is a very good way to express your love and get creative.                      
5. Photo booth Love- Take a picture at a mall photo booth by yourself, and make 4 different wonderful displayed signs of “will you marry me?”  You will have four snap shots printed. For each picture hold the sign up and bring your personality through the picture, example: for the pose with the "me?" sign, you could have the sign in one hand and with the other hand point your finger at yourself with a huge grin. Make her see why she fell in love with you.
6. Icey Love-  Freeze the ring in a ice cube, and drop it in her glass of wine, champagne, or beverage. When she notices the ring in her glass, get down on one knee and propose.
7. Fortunate Love- Ask a baker, or manufacture that makes specialized fortune cookies. Have them create a fortune cookie of its original flavour or her favourite flavours; chocolate, strawberry or whatever it may be. Then create a personal message to be put inside. Give her the fortune cookie over dessert or a romantic evening you may have planned.
8. Traditional Approach- Ask her father or mother for their daughter's hand in marriage. At the next family gathering and at the perfect time, make a toast and propose to her. Having family around will make it special, and then after the proposal you both get to celebrate with the family.
9. Scavenger Hunt- Is the most used and popular way of making a marriage proposal. You could set up the hunt at home, her house, your house, her work, a place you shared a special moment at, or where you first met. You could plan the scavenger hunt yourself, or have family and friends in on it; the more the merrier. Take note, you must leave clues all around like notes, pictures, gifts, or you could even guide her through romantic text messages. At the end of the hunt, await her arrival with a surprise and on your knee ready to purpose.   
10. Get The Children Invovled- If you have children, have your kids make a picture of; a bride and groom, or a sign saying “ Mommy will you marry Daddy?”. Once they show her the picture, come in and surprise her with flowers and the ring. You can make it funny by saying “Hon, you can't say no to these adorable faces”.
11. Game It- Crossword Puzzle, or Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle: Create a personalized puzzle with all phrases and answers in relation to your relationship with one another, and also include "will you marry me." There are various websites that allow you to make crosswords. Be prepared to do the crossword with her. Helpful website:
Puzzle: Go to a board game store or to a place that creates and packages puzzles. The puzzle can be a picture of you and her with the message saying her name and “will you marry me”, the engagement ring, you on one knee with the ring, or of you and her in the background. Once the puzzle is completed and she is in utter shock, proceed with the proposal. It would be very cute to do the puzzle with her, so it encourages her to actually finish it.
12. Bright Lights- Hire a company that does fireworks, and plan a firework show to be put on in the night... plan it so it looks like it has nothing to do with you. Pick the perfect location and bring her there. Once the show begins, proceed with your proposal.
13. Roses- During  a romantic evening, picnic, or date, give her 3 roses one by one. For each rose tell her that; one represents the past, one represents the present, and for the last one (you could have the engagement ring attached or have a note saying “will you marry me” on it) then tell her this one represents the future.
14. High off Your Love- Hire a skywriter and have signage, or ask them to spell the words for everyone to see in the sky above, the perfect time to do this would be during the day, maybe even after a romantic picnic, or a walk on the beach.
15. Web Page- This has become really popular especially with the rapid growth and change with technology. Create a personal web page with her name, the proposal, a picture of the ring, or pictures of you and her together. Plan a day and tell her you would like to look at vacation prices. Sit her down and surf the web, then tell her to go to this link. Once she opens the link surprise her with a proposal.Marry-me-sand-editPhoto: MyWeddingDayBliss
16. Romantic Beachside- Go for a walk along the beach around sunrise, sunset, or any time of the day. You could either propose to her with words, or even draw a heart, her name and yours, and “will you marry me” engraved in the sand.
17. Music of Love- Burn a CD of all her favourite songs, love songs, or songs that the two of you share memories to. You don’t want the CD to be too long, so have 10 tracks or less. For the last track record an audio expressing your feelings, and how much you love her, and go into a proposal. You could sing, or talk. This will be a great way to capture the moment in a memory
18. Book Worm- If she loves to read and reads on a daily basis, take a book that she is currently reading, and replace the current book mark with a specially made proposal book mark. You could get creative and maybe act out a scene from the book, or simply go into your proposal with “will you marry me”.
19. Sport it Up-  Take her to a sporting game, and sit in distance to the score board or a stadium TV. During half time or when her team scores. Have “will you marry me” and her name displayed through the stadium TV’s or score board. Tell family and friends ahead of time to watch it on TV. NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS If she is shy, or very private. 
20. Swap Out Keyboards- buy an old computer keyboard and switch it with her original keyboard, replace the keys on it and spell out your message. This will totally catch her off guard, and be unexpected.

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