Monday, February 17, 2014

Great ideas and inspiration.

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Some "Everlasting Love"  for that special wedding coming up..

  The Roaring Twenties

Photography: Silvena Toncheva Photography

Stylist and accessories designer: Nantarat Sirat Amos

Models: Silvena Toncheva and Maria Sheovska

The vintage charm of the 20s fascinates and inspires many fashion photographers nowadays.
Our creative team strived to capture the true spirit of the times and tell a story with many possible interpretations. Every detail has been carefully considered by the talented Nantarat who organised the shoot for the launch of her first bespoke collection under the brand "Everlasting love". All accessories are hand-made by her.

"The Great Gatsby" movie is the one that moved the spirits, made people imagine romance, betrayal and passion in a completely new dimension. Somehow naturally it became a source of inspiration for new ideas around which we based the shoot.

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