Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Choosing a wedding dress

1-Go au naturel Don't wear anything other than moisturiser. You don't want to leave lipstick orfoundation marks on any expensive frocks! 

2-Bring a pair of heels
You'll need comfortable shoes on for shopping, but take a pair of heels with you so you can try them on with the dresses. You need to see where the hemline will be and how the dress will hang.

3-Bring your friends

It's difficult to form an objective opinion on your own, so take one or two close friends along with you. Ask them to be honest and take note of their positives and negatives as you try each dress on. 

4-Bring a notebook
Given that you'll be trying on miles of tulle and silk, you could easily end up forgetting what 's what. Make detailed notes including the name of the shop, the model you tried on, and what you did and didn't like about it. Once you get back home, you'll have clearer ideas to help you narrow the list down.


You need to be able to move in your dress. Try out a few dance moves and try taking long strides in the shop. You need room to move: it would be a shame not to be able to boogie away on your wedding day because you can't move or you're worried about ripping your dress!

6-Check the lighting.
In the shop lights a white dress will look immaculate, but ask if you can go out into the natural light to check that it dosn't look yellowish in the daylight. And think about how see-through skimpy materials are going to be: if it's sunny on your big day, you don't want to reveal too much!  

7-Imagine the photos.

Faced with all that choice, you could be so lost you end up falling for a real no-no that's just totally inappropriate. To stay focused and avoid buying a dress with violet feathers, imagine how you want to look in your wedding photos!

8-Accept your body for what it is.

Don't plan on going on a miracle diet to squeeze into the dress you want. Buy a dress that fit, and if you do happen to lose a few pounds before your bid day (through stress, for example), adjustments can always be made.

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Lara said...

This is true! Picking a dress that flatters your body shape is essential. here are so many bridal shops and brides are pressed for time, so it can be hard to devote a lot of time to finding the perfect dress. The best way to do this is to look at all the wedding shops in your area so you can narrow down your choices and have more time to find the perfect dress!

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Jackie fedora said...

By using these points we can choose best wedding dress as we want.I want to suggest white wedding dress as its vintage color dress and by providing some design to it we can come out with best dress for wedding.

Anonymous said...

Where is the top picture from please? Love the jewel detailing

Style Guide Magazine said...

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