Monday, June 10, 2013

Our New June 2013 Edition..


From the Editor:

To inspire you in this edition, we are bringing you the latest in bridal fashion, straight from the catwalks of France, the UK and the Czech Republic.  This brings our bridal fashion inspiration up to 60+ pages of wedding dresses, alone.

Still stuck for ideas?  Why not check out Stuart Parvin’s collection, he’s been dressing the Royal Family in London for over a decade.

Still not satisfied? Acclaimed international designers featured in this edition include: Ian Stewart, Stephanie Allin, Anoushka G, Road Kill Couture (all London), Sarah Janks (Australia) and Christelle Magnain (France). 

Got your dress sorted but are stuck for ideas (and love a bit of DIY), look what’s on offer inside…?

·         New stationery ideas

·         Chair decorations

·         Floral inspiration

·         Bridesmaids-only section

·         For the groom

·         All things emerald

·         Weddings from Australia

·         Weddings from Ireland, Thailand, Peru and more

Want to get your bridal products in front of a large audience? Check us out, from a digital perspective:

Over the last 12 months we have gathered a tribe of over 10,000 Facebook fans - providing Wedding Style Guide with almost 200,000 page views per month.  That’s a total of over 2 million page views per year. No wonder Facebook is very happy with us.

On Twitter, our followers have reached over 4000 in total.

The Wedding Style Guide blog is super popular with over 2000 views each day.

Add to this our new Image Inspiration Board with over 800 views per day, our followings on the publishing site ISSUU and now our new Wedding Style Guide APP; has made this year, the most exciting yet.

So if you are seeking to get your products or services out to a wider audience, you can see we have the digital world covered. Speak with our advertising consultants today to get your product in front of our inspiration-thirsty, bridal audience.

 ‘A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’  Lao Tzu

Join us for this journey, we are leaping and bounding ahead.

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