Monday, March 11, 2013

Sonya's Secret Tanning Tips

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1. Preparing for your tan:
A common misconception is you need to exfoliate the same day of your tan. For best results exfoliate 2 days before with certified organic coconut oil and a good exfoliating glove, face and body. Your skin will feel fresh, rejuvenated and renewed.

2. Choosing the right product:
A good rule to remember: if you have fair skin choose a gradual tanner. This way you can build it to the desired depth and you will reach a golden colour without the chance of turning too dark. For a medium to olive skin type, an instant or one application tanner is perfect. Most importantly, read the ingredients. Always choose a true organic and natural tan over synthetic products.

3. Application:
Starting from the feet, apply a fine coat to the feet avoiding the heel and toes and work your way up the body applying an even amount of product to desired areas. Use a small amount on your face, knees, elbows, feet and hands as these areas grab to colour easier.

4. Always wash your hands thoroughly straight after application. This ensures you avoid the dreaded orange palms!!

5. After Care:
Sweating, swimming and bathing will all affect the life of your tan. Use a gentle soap free body wash and an organic oil-free moisturizer daily to prolong the life of your tan.

SECRET INDUSTRY TIP: Oil is DEATH to a fake tan. If you ever have a bad tan, have a good soak in a bath with some organic olive oil or coconut oil and once again use an exfoliating glove. Grab a good book and a cup of tea and relax as your natural skin colour returns.

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