Monday, December 10, 2012

Summer 2013 Issue 23

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Wedding Style Guide International is proud to release the Summer 2013 Issue 23 as a Digital ONLY magazine.
The Summer 2013 Issue 23 is designed for easy viewing online and is full of all the latest ideas and fashions for you to be inspired for your special day, your wedding day!

We present Kelsey Genna's latest gowns! Amazing gowns from down downunder - New Zealand! At only 21 years old you will be wowed by the designs!

Tutu Du Monde presents the cutest outfits for kids!

Val Stefani from USA gowns are stylish and extravagant! See her latest here.

We were surprised to discover the unique style from Tekay Designs in USA. Her gowns are unique designed luxury without the price tag!

Blu Wedding Boutique and Amy Elizabeth Rodd Photographer joined forces to create the most beautiful Vintage Tea Party photo shoot featuring the gorgeous gowns from Mia!

With all the stress of planning and organising the big day what better idea than to gather your bridal party at a spa resort like Authenticity in Port Elliot, SA. Beautiful! Peaceful! Relax!

Trash the Dress photo shoots can be lots of fun after your wedding day. What to do with that dress? Have fun!

Melissa from Melbourne Street Flowers created an inspirational dessert table idea. You can either use the receipes and ideas for your wedding or for one of the many pre-wedding events.

Alice Richards and Lisa Diedrich Photography joined forces to create the MOST inspirational wedding photo shoot full of ideas for you. Includes a fabulous wedding cake from Faye Cahill Cake Designs that is just to die for!

Artaquis Photography presents Reve Blanc photo shoot. A range of gowns, dresses and accessories that are inspired by the 1950-60s. Just elegant and graceful - exquisite!

La Gartier talks about the belt renaissance. You can enter the draw to win one of Sarah's gorgeous hand made garters to wear at your wedding!

Can't decide where to go for your Honeymoon? Wedding Style Guide presents images from two resorts in Samoa. Totally peaceful, relaxing and fun!

Maree Jeanette from Melbourne tells us what accessories are the latest fashion and how to choose what is best for you!

A lot of couples are choosing to marry overseas these days. Going back to where their parents or ancestors are from but there are many pitfalls to this idea. Wedding Style Guide speaks to the experts to find out how you can avoid any problems and how to go about making this idea a reality.

Wedding Style Guide went beyond just Real Weddings in this issue.

Holly and Michael went above and beyond with her DIY Real Wedding. Lots of tips and ideas! Involve everyone and see the results!

Felicity and Turk being "foodies" themselves wanted to be different and took the idea of A PROGRESSIVE DINNER to A PROGRESSIVE WEDDING Held in Italy they took their guests and family to 4 different venues.
Just so amazing and different!

See all this and more in the Summer 2013 Issue 23

You can view this magazine on your iPad or iPhone, amongst many other mobile devices!

Wedding Style Guide International continues to be your design and styling leader!

Your only destination for wedding inspiration!



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