Friday, December 30, 2011

Summer Wedding Hint

Hands up who organised a Summer Wedding? In Adelaide we are heading towards five days of HOT weather with 40 degrees Celsius on Sunday (100 degrees Fahrenheit) so we at Wedding Style Guide thought it was time for a Summer Wedding Hint for your man!

The groom’s job is to look gorgeous, fresh, unflustered and perfect in every photo all day but Summer has ways of bringing even the coolest customer undone. 

Guys tend to just grab the jacket and go. But when it’s off to be married on a summer’s day, when the thermometer hits record highs, you can’t rely on getting through the most important day of your life without planning for the heat.

To look good you must be comfortable. Choose a light fabric for your suit, don’t be caught in a winter-weight weave. If wearing a vest, make sure it has a satin back which will be more suitable.

You could even choose a vest that looks good WITH the jacket off! 

Check out the suit without the jacket. In extreme heat and later when dancing, the jacket will probably be removed; the pants have to look flattering.

It’s not a regular day, most grooms are nervous and nerves can lead to more sweating than usual. Add in the heat factor and a perspiration condition can really kick in. Carry a crisp, white cotton handkerchief to wipe a glistening brow and damp hands. Tissues can disintegrate quickly and leave you without the help you need. There will be a lot of handshaking, your hands should be wiped dry, nobody likes to touch a clammy paw.

It’s a long, long day with many potential grooming pitfalls like the shirt getting soaked with sweat early in the day or red wine being spilled down the front later in the evening. It’s all happened before; a wet shirt is not a good look. Hot feet perspiring and starting to smell as if they were in a pair of gym sneakers is embarrassing. Perspiration can be a nightmare on hair, making it fall flat. It’s wise to have wardrobe and grooming quick fixes on hand to make sure you look your best and the photographs show a great looking groom, not a damp one.

Pack a smart looking bag and include all the emergency grooming odds and ends that will end up saving the day by making you feel fresh and look crisp.

  • a spare pair of socks
  • hanky
  • a spare shirt on a coathanger, so it doesn’t get creased,
  • deodorant,
  • hair product,
  • shoe cleaner,
  • breath freshener.
  • If a five o’clock shadow tends to appear at 3pm, throw in the shaver and some aftershave. Don’t use a new aftershave for the first time on your wedding day, it won’t smell like you and it could cause an allergy and skin rash.

You may not need to turn to these reserves, but if you do; it will be a lifesaver. Pop the hold-all into the boot of a car of someone you know will be there until the end.

Being one of the two stars on the wedding day is a bit like running a marathon, look after yourself from the start with a good breakfast. This will help get you through the day and give energy to battle the heat.

Reassess the wedding day’s morning activities.

A game of golf with mates might sound like a great idea, but if it’s 40 degrees, you might exhaust yourself and not feel 100% for the wedding itself. Heat stroke is a real possibility. Take it easy on the morning of your wedding.

Have bottles of water handy all day, don’t become dehydrated, or you mightn’t feel on top of the world. If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated, so drink lots of water.
Most of all have a great day
and keep your cool!

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