Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Power Shopping

Amongst the pages of Wedding Style Guide, you'll find a story called Table Three Ways where we choose a colour palette and show how you can style a reception table using those colours, in three completely different ways. We use the same table, chairs, tablecloth, cutlery, crockery - and in most cases, glassware - to show how easy it can be to revamp a neutral venue setting.

In our current issue, I styled a table in a pink and blue palette using the saying 'Love is the Drug' as my inspiration. I sourced great test tube-style bottles with aluminium lids, filled them with musk mock-pills, teamed the bottles with a lab-style clipboard and incorporated lots of notes and graph paper elements.

One of the products I had planned to use, but unfortunately didn't make it to the final shot, was the Laboratory Flower Vases from Urban Outfitters. I had it shipped all the way here, determined that it was perfect for the shoot - paying for expediated shipping to get it here on time - but when it arrived, and all of the elements of the table were put it place, there just wasn't room for it. I haven't forgotten about it though - no doubt you'll see it pop up somewhere else in the pages of Wedding Style Guide when I find a spot to use it.

If you would like your own Laboratory Flower Vases - or any other of the beautiful styling pieces from Urban Outfitters - now is the time. They are offering free shipping to Australia for three days only when you spend $150 or more. With our dollar currently worth more than the US dollar, this is the ideal time to take advantage of this great offer. Simply use the code AUFREESHIP at checkout and know you've just saved yourself a bundle.

Posted by Jane Cameron

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