Monday, April 12, 2010

Rally the Girls - SATC 2 is nearly here!

I have a confession to make. I am completely and utterly excited about the release of Sex and the City 2. OMG! I think I've already watched the trailer at least 3 times. For many women SATC is the ultimate ladies night, myself included. The hours spent watching the series on DVD is seriously begining to stack up so another installment is just what the doctor ordered. If you so happen to be having, or planning for that matter, a hen's or girls night for early June consider cosmopolitans, your favourite pair of heels, your most chic bunch of friends and head to the movies. Many cinemas and organisations host preview nights to raise money for a variety of different charities so do your bit. To view the trailer visit I must also confess I'm super duper excited to hear Australian artist Ricky-Lee's song Can't Touch It featuring loud and clear in the trailer. I couldn't have thought of a more suitable theme song if I tried. SATC 2 will be released Australia wide on the 3rd June. Double click on the below image to view the trailer!

Double click on the above video link to view full size

Posted by Emilie Harrison

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Prior Engagement said...

Can't wait to see it.


I'm beside myself ... have also watched the trailer several times ! I will be in New York in June with one of my best girlfriends, I can't wait to see it in the big smoke :-)