Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're Going on a Behr Hunt...

Inspired by the grandeur of the Holiday season, with trace elements of the fall collection's elegant punk, American wonder Jennifer Behr has created a small yet seductive range of headpieces for Holiday 2009. Slick patent leather bows paired with petite spikes, hand-twisted animal print satins, tassels on crystal, satin and silk chiffon, and a range of opulent hand knits are the prettiest additions to any outfit. Settle in and prepare a toast to another brilliant winter with Behr's oh so pretty collection. Made by hand in her studio and within a network of small workshops in Brooklyn and Manhattan it makes for a truly marvelous result. Jennifer Behr ships will all over the world so to find out how you can get your little hands on a piece of Behr magic visit www.jenniferbehr.com.

Crystal Spray on Comb - organic crystal arrangement secured to a petite hair comb

Crystal Spray with Bow on Satin - organic crystal arrangement hand-sewn to an ultra lux silk bow head wrap and finished at back with patent leather tabs and elastic

Crystal Chiffon and Tassle headband - encrusted crystals hand-stitched to chiffon and satin and paired with a taffetta-wrapped skinny headband. Available with or without tassle

Posted by Emilie Harrison

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