Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Ultimate Bride Movies
A few weeks ago I sat down with a girlfriend on a cold, wet saturday night and watched one of my favourite movies from the 90's, Father of the Bride. I think, growing up, I had visioned my wedding day to be very similar to that of Annie's Banks' - a tall, dashing husband, a marquee wedding at home, the dress, and of course the wedding planner. I look back now and think there's no way I'd wear a dress like that and I doubt I'd ever have the patience for a planner like Franq. Although, it did get me thinking about the best wedding movies from the last few decades. They make you laugh, the can give you ideas and they're the perfect night in for you and your girls. Here's some of my fave suggestions...

Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994

Father of the Bride 1991

Bride Wars 2009

Betsy's Wedding 1990

Muriel's Wedding 1994

27 Dresses 2008

Made of Honour 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding 1997

The Wedding Planner 2001

Runaway Bride 1999

Posted by Emilie Harrison


Melanie said...

What about My Big Fat Greek Wedding? :)

Gabrielle said...

I love father of the bride! especially the wedding planner, hes great, I mean who wouldn't want swans in the front yard!

Is bride wars any good? I've been meaning to see it.

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Leigh said...

Oh man, whe I was a girl, I drooled over that dress in Runaway Bride. It was my dream - still kind of is. Yet I would hack it off to tea length now.