Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Every Face Tells A Story
I used to lecture in typography at Uni - that is, the study of type. It's something that I'm passionate about–a gorgeous typeface can send me into a spin. Have you ever considered how each typeface has a personality all to itself - it doesn't take much training to know what certain faces are saying...

Splendid - formal and elegant

Mrs Eaves - classic and understated

Inspiration - relaxed and inviting

Bayer Sans - contemporary and bold

Therefore, the typeface you choose for your wedding stationery is really important as it will instantly convey a message. It will let your guests know, at a glance, the style and level of formality planned for the big day.

Take a moment to consider what typeface speaks best for you. There are countless websites devoted entirely to fonts - try My Fonts, P22, Emigre or Archive Type - all incredible sources of inspiration (well, I think so anyway!).

Posted by Jane Cameron

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Gabrielle said...

I am so so picky about fonts. And i find it very hard to find ones that actually make me happy. Your knowledge will be my shining star when i start designing my stationary!