Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Paper Trail Continues...
A quick check on Etsy reveals an ample choice of papercut artwork, from silhouettes to lampshades. Seems this movement is in full swing...

Incredibly intricate pieces by papercutdiecut, US $100 top and US $52 bottom + postage. These would make the most wonderful gifts for a couple setting up home.

A handcut and framed letter from tamaradesigns, US $40 + postage. This could sit proudly in the couple's home, announcing their now-common surname. This company is based in Canberra though so contact them directly to find out the Australian cost.

Wouldn't this make a lovely image for wedding stationery - contact the artist to seek their permission first of course. One of many from a huge range by elsita, US $25 + postage.

Purchase the original, frame and keep it forever as a memento of your love for each other. With the artist's permission, use the imagery on your wedding stationery as a personal way to mark the occasion. From penandpaper, US $32 + postage.

Lots and lots of choice at Etsy with a search for 'papercuts'.

Posted by Jane Cameron

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