Monday, November 17, 2008

Vintage Heaven
After looking at the gorgeous new cards on the Cafe Cartolina blogspot, I got wondering, where does one go to find vintage wallpaper inspiration? Second Hand Rose of course! It is a paradise of pattern - surely something to elicit ideas a-plenty.

One of the beautiful cards in question from Cafe Cartolina

Here are some of my favourite wallpapers...

Definitely worth a look if you need a little inspiration to get your styling ideas underway. Why not mix and match a bevy of them for a truly eclectic affair!

Posted by Jane Cameron

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cartolina said...

Hey Style Guide!
We have a whole collection of "vintage" wallpaper that we have produced using snippets of vintage pattern. We layer the individual pieces and then repeat them until we have a 'wallpaper look'. Then we distress them and apply a fake 'join' to the wall so that it looks authentic.
That's what we did for the backs of these cards - each one has a slightly different pattern to represent perhaps 1930s wallpaper. Glad you like!
Thanks for visiting Cafe Cartolina!
We love your blog - you have such good taste!