Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Expert Interview - SugarLove Weddings
We are lucky enough to work with some of the most talented people in the industry, one of them being SugarLove Weddings who have photographed some of Australia's A-List celebrity weddings. We asked Director Leigh Taylor for some inside information and are lucky enough to have her all time favourite pics to tell the story…

WSG:Where are your favourite places in the world to shoot?
LT: I love the light in the Greek Islands, Southern California and Sydney's Northern Beaches & Eastern Suburbs, although a favourite place to shoot is usually dependant on who you are shooting. If it is a wedding the location should support the subject if the couple are being featured, not overtake the communication.

WSG: Do you often find the best pictures are captured when the couple/bride least expects the photo is being taken?
LT: Yes, the more spontaneity the better the result.

WSG: Does a reception have to have eleaborate styling to get truly breathtaking photos?
LT: Not at all, simple, individual touches usually create the best photo opportunities although natural lighting always helps (if achievable).

WSG: Where do you get best results – City/Country/Beach?
LT: We love working in all locations. Again natural light is king and a perfect shot is always about the emotion on the day.

WSG: Do children add an unexpected element in wedding photos?
LT: Sometimes, unexpected reactions create some surprising results. Having a love for children always helps on the day.

WSG: Do you love shooting colour in a wedding? Or is all black/white equally striking?
LT: We cover all weddings in both colour and black/white. Both are required to stitch together a strong narrative from the day.

WSG: What qualities should a couple look for when hiring their photographer?
LT: Experience in all areas of photography and an acceptance that the bridal couple are the stars of the day. Allowing events to unfold without prompting or directing people is also helpful in achieving the SugarLove style of photography.

WSG: What details within the wedding play the most important part in your photography.
LT: The couple, the attention to detail, the lighting and the emotional committment to living in the moment.

WSG: Tell us a bit about yourself…?
LT: As Director of SugarLove I oversee all of our divisions of photography that include Advertising, Editorial, Fashion and Weddings. Having been involved in hundreds of weddings to date from co-ordination of both Photography & Video coverage right through to providing advice on the best choices in areas of Hair/Makeup, Venue, Flowers and Stationery you develop a strong eye for what will work for a couple. Organising my own weekend wedding getaway was a great experience. Realising that the actual day goes so quickly really drives home the importance of having the very best photography & video to relive the moments.

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