Thursday, September 17, 2009

Take It Off

My absolute favourite lingerie label, Pleasure State, has just sent out their January to June 2010 lookbooks and I just had to share with you some of the beautiful pics. Not only are the pieces simply too good to cover up but the photos are just gorgeous. I have a relatively small but super pretty collection of Pleasure State pieces and I have to say that they not only look adorable but they are SO comfortable, give great support and great shape. Pleasure State also have the hottest collection, called VIP, for all those curvier, bustier girls and the pieces are equally as gorgeous as the other collection. If there's ever a time to have simply stunning lingerie it's for your wedding and honeymoon. BUT... there is really no reason not to wear gorgeous lingerie all the time. You'll feel amazing if you do! Visit to view the White Label, Couture, VIP and My Fit collections.

Kyoshi cami from the White Label collection

Fan Dance white corset from the White Label collection

L-R - Bordello in black & Kisu from the White Label collection

L-R - Geisha in black and gold & Kimono in white from the couture collection

Posted by Emilie Harrison