Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Good Lashing

If the eyes are the window to your soul then it's imperative to have amazing, long, luscious lashes! False lashes scare a lot of people. How do you use them? Will they look fake? Will they start to peel off half way down the isle? Well, Harlotte have heard your questions and have answered your prayers with these uniquely designed, easy to apply lashes. They will help you create the perfect almond eye and are available in two styles. Too Sweet will emphasise your eyes with a hint of glamour. The softer, more natural of the two they are perfect for bridal or daywear while Drama Queen will steal the spotlight with red carpet Hollywood diva lashes. The longer and thicker of the two they will make batting your eyelashes at that lucky somebody easy peasy and at $20 a pair they're a steal! Visit www.harlotte.com.au to view the range and buy online.

Drama Queen lashes

Posted by Emilie Harrison