Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Payoff
It sure does pay to be blantantly obvious about secret wishes and deep-seated desires... imagine my delight when I arrived at my desk to find a GORGEOUS little package.

Firstly - tiny stationery is a bit of 'thing' for me - the teeny, tiny pink envelope is definitely a keeper. Then the beautifully coordinated cotton tape in the hottest of pinks sent my heart racing...

Then to find 3 fabulous tubes of the beautifully-designed Marvis toothpastes!

Thank you soooooo much Kimberlee from Brown Button Trading - you have made my day. All I have to do now is conquer my intense desire to place these marvels into some kind of uber-chic still life, never to be touched because they're just too gorgeous to use!

Posted by Jane Cameron