Friday, April 24, 2009

Cute as a....
Brown Button. Our lovely friend Kimberlee from Brown Button blog has opened a store. Good on her. Honestly don't know where she finds the time to work full time, host a most-entertaining blog AND start up a webstore - but she must have super reserves of energy somewhere.

Brown Button Trading has some gorgeous products for sale. My favourite is the range of Marvis Toothpastes.

Marvis Toothpastes from $7.95 + postage

Finally I have found a tube of paste that would look good in the bathroom. Now all I have to do is find a beautiful wooden toothbrush like the ones at Baileys in the UK (have tried to buy but they only ship them with the oak holder and I don't really want that - but may be willing to buy it anyway just for the brushes!).

Toothbrush holder with toothbrush from £14 + postage

[Note to Colgate, Oral B etc... please, please, please design a range of pastes and brushes that are aesthetically pleasing whilst also doing their job.]

Now, together with the range of simply stunning products by Watkins in the US, I think I would be set.

Posted by Jane Cameron