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Photography is so much more than just having a nice camera or taking a lot of pictures to cover your bases. The first thing we hear from all of our assistants trying to become professionals is, “Wedding photography is harder than I thought it would be.” Our answer, “Of course it is!” The goal of this article is to help prevent you from hiring the wrong photographer, or even worse, “Uncle Joe.”
This section will cover more of the soft-skills that your photographer needs to possess. These are areas that you need to pay attention to during your meetings and conversations with professional photographers because they are not things that you can determine by asking a question. We recommend that you read this section first. Then head on over to our section called, “15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer” for more specific ideas on what types of questions you should be looking to ask.


A professional wedding photographer should not only versed in the technical side of the trade, but he must also be artistic and creative. Those are two opposite personality traits. How many people do you know are very technologically savvy and artistically creative at the same time?
Have a great camera and technical skills will allow the wedding photographer to capture exposed, well-lit images regardless of the lighting situation and time constraints. On the other hand, having great creative skills will allow the wedding photographer to approach each shot with a unique viewpoint and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are not just photos, but they are beautiful images.


Just as important (if not more important) as their technical knowledge and creativity are the wedding photographers interpersonal skills. How well do they get along their clients and those at the wedding? Are they outgoing, personable, charismatic, professional, and honest?
Not including engagement shoots, bridal shoots, etc. You are going to be spending a full day with your photographer on the most important day of your life. A wedding photographer with a personality that matches your own is essential to the overall experience of your wedding.


Once you get pass technique, creativity, and personality, the next thing you should be looking for is an experience. Is the wedding photographer actually a professional photographer, or is this their “weekend gig”? How many weddings has this photographer shot?
While experience is important, some of the best and most hard- working wedding photographers we have met are experienced photographers, but relatively new as wedding photographers. In situations where you love the photographers style, but are concerned with them not having enough experience, ask to look at their entire collection of images from each event they have shot.
To help you out further when we hire applicants for assistants and associate photographer positions, we base their level of experience off of how many weddings they have shot as the lead photographer. (i.e. not under another professional photographer’s guidance or direction).
  • 1-5 Weddings – Inexperienced
  • 6-10 Weddings – Amateur (Qualified as an assistant photographer)
  • 10-20 Weddings – Knowledgable
  • 21-30 Weddings – Experienced
  • 31+ Weddings – Professional (Qualified as an associate photographer)


When seeking a photographer, don’t get caught up to the amount of products each photographer is promising. Stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided. We realize that some people are working within a budget. Think to yourself that you can always purchase an album or additional prints later (even 5-10 years later), but you can’t change the quality of the photographs taken at the wedding after the wedding day.
We strive to tell clients if there is something you need to cut from your package to make it more affordable, start with the products. Cut the prints from the package, remove the album, but don’t go with a cheaper photographer because they are willing to give you all the products you want up front. If you can, always keep at least two photographers in your package.


We often are asked the question, “why do I need more than one wedding photographer?”
Well, if you were to look at a wedding written up as a movie script, you would see a primary storyline surrounded by smaller side stories that are happening at the same moment. For example, during a wedding ceremony, the main story is, of course, the bride and groom. However, there may be multiple side stories occurring at the same moment.  For instance, mom or dad wiping the tear from their eyes or the flower girl sitting in the corner picking petals from a rose in her hands.

No matter how good a photographer is, he/she cannot be at all places at the same time; and so, to compensate, we use multiple wedding photographers, each with a different focus. For example, our lead photographer focuses strictly on the bride and groom. Our second wedding photographer would focus on reaction shots from the family, guests, etc. Our third (when needed) would focus on creative imagery by constantly surveying and moving around the scene to find unique angles and compositions of our subjects.
Having multiple photographers enables our team to broaden the coverage and creative eyes at the event. While we recommend two photographers regardless of the size of your wedding, we tell clients that it is almost required if you have 100-200 people at the wedding. For clients with very large weddings, i.e. 200+, we recommend three photographers. Enjoy!!Bookmark and Share

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Summer is here!!


Nothing is as magnificent as a summer wedding
Nothing is as magnificent as a summer wedding
Image via: Floridian Weddings



Heat and heavy food don’t mix. Stick to the farm-to-table trend and go for a seasonal menu that includes local fresh produce and grilled entrees. Choose grilled fruit skewers and Gazpacho shooters for appetizers and tarts and fruit pies for dessert. You can also add festive touches like frozen cocktails and popsicles.
summer wedding tips
Summer wedding tips – Keep heat and pests away!
Image via: Wedding Trends


You and your better half may love the sun, but don’t assume all your guests do. Make sure you provide heat relief in one way or another. If your wedding is outdoors, offer some shade or portable air-conditioning systems. You can also have ushers pass out cold hand towels across the rows before the ceremony starts. Scattering decorative tubs or baskets filled with water bottles near the ceremony site is also a great idea.
Provide heat relief for your wedding guests
Provide heat relief for your wedding guests
Image via: The Wedding Chicks


Most people vacation in summer especially families with school-going kids. You should therefore send save-the-dates early enough to ensure people mark their calendars early.



Sunburn can give a whole new meaning to “the blushing bride.” Prior to getting dressed, apply sunscreen to areas of your body that will be exposed and tell your bridal party to do the same.
Summer brides should wear foundation and moisturizers with SPF. However, they should try them out beforehand to ensure they don’t cause allergies.


Keep bugs away with citronella candles
Keep bugs away with citronella candles
Arrange for citronella candles to ensure your guests aren’t disturbed by bugs as they eat or interact. Summer brings with it a lot of bugs that can get in the way of your celebrations. Talk to the person in charge of the venue in advance to ensure bugs won’t be a problem.
Summer wedding planning is fun and interesting. Keep these tips in mind and make your wedding stand out from all other summer weddings.

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A Groom's View

This article was sent to us by one of our weekend Grooms..!!  Thank you for your honesty and insight from the grooms point of view.
After experiencing the entire wedding planning process and being happily married for more than six months, I have gathered a few tips that I think could help future grooms (brides may want to consider showing this to their grooms!)
To be a groom worthy of praise is not to simply stand at the altar and wait for her (or him, but for the sake of consistency I will henceforth use “her”) to walk down the aisle. It’s high time we did away with this bizarre tradition of letting brides do all the planning (or at least it is time to add a much-needed amendment), while the groom’s only job is to merely show up on time come wedding day. It’s not like roles should reverse and grooms should take on all the planning alone, but there’s really no logical reason to not be a significant part of the planning process. This wedding is a celebration of your love together; don’t you want to take ownership playing some role in what is arguably the most important day of your life?
1. Think about one aspect of the wedding that you would like to have the most influence on.
It's no secret that your fiancée is likely to want to fulfill some sort of child hood fantasy about planning a wedding from start to finish. But before she (or he) decides on what song is played while you cut the cake, take a moment to think about one aspect of the wedding that you'd like to have your name on. It could be the song the wedding party comes out to, it could be the choice of the DJ or photographer, or it could be as simple as selecting a gift to award the lucky guy who catches the garter. This wedding isn’t just about your bride, it’s about the two of you together! You will have your friends and family there celebrating with you, it’s important to showcase the two of your styles and interests coming together as one.
If you can work together on planning the wedding, think of how well you’ll be able to work together on other big events in life.
2. Help with research.
In case you didn’t already know this, the wedding industry is ENORMOUS! Every aspect of the wedding is an industry in and of itself, from wedding emergency kits to wedding toppers, so be prepared to sift through hundreds of vendors who are all vying for your $$$ (but remember, not all vendors are in it for the $$$...some honestly want to tell/share/photograph/film your story). This is likely one of the most time consuming parts of planning a wedding and if you don’t spend enough time doing real research, you’ll likely end up with a bride who is vehemently upset about something one of the vendors did (or did not do).
To be successful when it comes to research, take the time to sit down with your fiancée and talk about what each of you would like to see in a wedding, and perhaps discuss the areas you are willing to shell out more cash and the areas that you are not too concerned with spending a great deal of money. Then consult friends and family members who perhaps are married and may be willing to share some valuable advice about vendors they know. There’s usually some friend who at least knows another friend who recently got married, so getting this information should not be difficult.
As a side note, while chiavari chairs are elegant and a staple of most modern weddings, most of your guests will hardly notice the difference and furthermore, those chairs aren’t going to capture any of the timeless moments of the day and put them together in a wedding film or a photo album that will be the only visual record of the day you got married. I’m not saying that all your money should be spent on photography and videography, but I do believe that a great deal of research should go into these two areas mainly because the professionals you hire will be charged with the responsibility of recording your wedding day in such a way that you will be able to revisit those emotions you felt on that day. I highly doubt you’ll get that from chiavari chairs or fancy cake toppers. I’m sure you’d appreciate a valid record of the day considering the amount of time and energy that went into planning.
3. Be present at all (or as many) meetings with vendors as you can.
While my wife and I were planning our wedding, I was dumbfounded at how shocked the majority of our vendors were when I would show up to every meeting. They often claimed it was such a rare thing for the groom to tag along and be so involved in all the planning. After thinking about it, I did notice that most wedding vendors cater their language towards the bride. They believe it is only brides who are visiting their pages and inquiring about their business. I imagine that is true and will continue to be true in the future, but why shouldn’t a groom come along and be present during meetings that involve critical decisions about their wedding? I can only imagine that the overall experience of the wedding for both the groom and the bride will be elevated knowing that the groom was present at these meetings and voiced his opinion about certain things.
Engagement is key; grooms have to be willing to engage in the wedding planning process. It’s understandable that many will be apprehensive about it because of their perception of what wedding planning is like. But in all honestly, things are different now. Wedding planning has married the digital age. There are so many things you can do to successfully plan for weddings from the comfort of your own home. Have Skype interviews with vendors, research online and read reviews about vendors. Major wedding sites like and offer complete online experiences that any groom could get accustomed to if they wanted to have any involvement.
Again, I understand the reality of bride who just wants to plan everything without any assistance (there’s nothing wrong with that!), but I can’t imagine anyone not at least wanting their groom to tag along and participate, even if it is in a minimal way. You’ll be planning a lot of things and having to make tons of decisions as a married couple, what would it hurt to start doing it now?
4. Write your own vows!
I can hardly think of a better way for a groom to woo his bride on their wedding day than to put into words the reasons why he got down on one knee. It’s the one time to think and make an attempt (although futile) to express in words the feelings you get when she walks into the room. Even if you do not wish to be at every meeting with the florist, even if you could care less what color the napkins will be or whether there will be a salad fork to the right of the soup spoon, there’s nothing that should prevent you from taking one opportunity to pour your heart out to your soon to be wife in front of family and friends.
So maybe you aren’t the gushy type who likes to pour your heart out (especially in front of people). Fine, but that shouldn’t stop you from attempting to write a spirited speech that at least celebrates the love you feel for your fiancée. Only the two of you define the love between you, so whether you want to recall some funny moments from your relationship or write a poem, it’s totally up to you. No one is holding you to any standards. It’s really the least you could do, and there’s no bride in the world that wouldn’t appreciate such a thing. You’ll probably earn a deep admiration from her family and friends as well. Everyone is already there to watch you get married, so there’s nothing wrong giving them a reason why they are sitting there on that day.
I understand there are situations where original vow writing is restricted due to the structure of the wedding ceremony, but there’s nothing stopping you from speaking to your bride during the reception. By that point, the ceremony is over so most of the pressure is already off of your shoulders. Friends and family have likely loosened up, therefore making it a much easier atmosphere to open up in front of people.
Come on, it’s not that difficult. And it will mean the world to your bride.
5. Be the stress reliever on the day of the wedding.
There is a saying…”Happy Wife…Happy Life.” The phrase takes affect long before you exchange rings. In order to guarantee a pleasant and eventful wedding day free from horrific levels of stress, the bride will look to YOU to be her relief. Forget the wedding planner and her bridesmaids, it is ultimately on your shoulders to keep that smile glued on her face. It will also be likely that you’ll be the only voice of reason she’ll be willing to listen to, so be sure to forecast to the best of your ability the events of the day. Try to avoid any potential crises by assigning a day planner, or communicating effectively with your wedding planner.
There’s nothing to be afraid of, but it will only benefit you and your bride to be mindful of the very fact that no wedding is perfect. Regardless of the hours of planning every last detail, there will be pitfalls and things will not go according to plan. This sort of advice can only go so far, this one relies solely on you. Take the proper precautions to ensure a wedding day that is memorable and full of happiness. Remember that the whole purpose is about the two of your lives being bounded together for rest of your life.
There are plenty of other methods for being a “better” groom. There’s really no way to be a “better” groom, but hopefully there is something here worth thinking about. Ultimately, it’s about creating a positive wedding experience and things can only get better with more involvement from both parties. Let this experience demonstrate your abilities to work together as a team, and learn where each other is at in terms of their wants and needs. Weddings are a learning experience; one that you will surely revisit time and time again.

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The Honeymoon

Tips to Plan Honeymoon Travel

Tahiti. Italy. Mexico. The Bahamas. After your wedding, it’s time to enjoy all the luxuries of the perfect honeymoon. Whether you are planning a getaway to enjoy white sand beaches and sun or tour ancient ruins and learn about a different culture, make heed some of these important honeymoon travel tips that may make planning and enjoying your trip a bit easier.

  • Honeymoon Registry
    Have you heard of the latest craze? Have your wedding guests pay for all or part of, or your honeymoon. Honeymoon registries allow wedding guests to contribute funds to your special trip and even sponsor specific activities you wish to enjoy while you are there!
  • Say “I do” to your differences
    Do you like adventure travel while your significant other would much rather be sunbathing on a beach all day? So that you don’t create riffs in planning your trip of a lifetime, make sure you communicate before you begin to plan so that both of you can get maximum enjoyment out of your vacation
  • .
  • Honeymoon, under wraps
    When you plan your trip, refrain from sharing that you are planning a honeymoon. Some entities will charge you extra because they know that couples are willing to splurge on their special getaway. However, after your travel planning is complete, when making your reservations, it may pay to share that you’re arriving for your honeymoon – some places will give you free upgrades or complimentary items.
  • Details, details…
    Planning a honeymoon is planning an excursion like no other. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to pull out all the stops, upgrade from average to amazing, and enjoy special splurges. Some ideas? How about planning a private helicopter tour or a luxury spa together? Have a chef prepare a custom meal just for you, or arrange to take a private tour of the nearest escape.

  • Refrain from over planning
  • While you want your honeymoon to be perfect, heed wise advice and don’t overdo it with the planning. Cut down on the stress and enjoy yourself, by limiting the amount of physical activity you will participate in each day. Or, allow a specific amount of time between activities on your itinerary so you are not rushing from one thing to another.

  • Copies of Documentation
    After you’ve created your itinerary be sure to make copies of it to share with family and friends. Keep an additional copy for yourself. That way, your family will know where you are in case problems arise back home, and you will have an extra copy in case you lose the original. Additionally, you may want to register your travel plan with the U.S. State Department. Registration allows the Department of State to assist you and contact family or friends in case of an emergency. 

  • Get access to 24/7 concierge services
    Be sure you have 24/7 access to travel assistance services. Many travel insurance plans include 24/7 concierge services to assist you with spur of the moment planning to like restaurant referrals and reservations, floral services, private charter assistance, find, wrap and deliver one-of-a-kind gifts and local and event ticketing. Keep the assistance hotline number with you at all times to reach trained travel counselors that can help you in almost any emergency situation and also help rebook hotels and flights, coordinate medical emergencies.

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Making a Wedding Speech

15 Wedding Speech Tips

If the thought of having to make a wedding speech leaves you feeling weak at the knees, then perhaps these ideas will help you perform successfully.
1.      Ask about the venue – indoors or out – a lectern, mike etc. 
2.      Your speech should not too long or short and remember it’s about the couple; not you – some alcohol fueled attendees may talk – stay cool!
3.      Your audience will be all ages and backgrounds – be inclusive and not too smart.  Don’t embarrass the couple too much.  Done with love, kindness and respect with a little humour, it will be remembered as a highlight.
4.      First, reflect on the reaction you wish to get – be inspired that your small contribution will be memorable for all the right reasons.
5.      Research before writing words; ask friends for poignant and funny experiences and include your own memories.  Parents and relations are good for stories, especially when the couple were young and present with empathy.  Only use the best ones.
6.      Write it out just as you feel it works in the raw form and then read it again, while searching for descriptive word pictures – take everyone to that place.  Aim to make your message have impact – a worthwhile contribution to the wedding.
7.      Find an arresting opening; something to catch the attention.  Your conclusion should also resonate and connect with the opening.  Ensure that glasses are charged if you are proposing the toast.  In due course say… “Would you please rise for the toast to the bride and groom – the bride and groom.”
8.      Use everyday language and reach out to your audience.  They are probably relaxed having enjoyed a few drinks – in party mode.
9.      Paint word pictures and if you able to prepare your speech early, practise and you have time to modify it.  You may be able to refer to comments made earlier.
10.    Use a logical progression of thoughts, but you don’t need to work through a chronological time-line and in fact, moving backwards and forwards and around may work better.  Experiment with various ideas for the ‘wow factor’.
11.    You may want to gather feedback from someone who is a good experience speaker.  Practise your delivery and speak slowly – use repetition.
12.    The use of timbre in your voice is important, as is eye contact and strategic pauses can be helpful, but don’t overdo them.
13.    Your audience will be with you all the way and so enjoy yourself.  You have been provided with a great opportunity, a wonderful honour and you will do better than you think and will grow with the experience.
14.    Obviously the Bride, Groom, Parents etc. will make slightly different speeches, but the tips relate to all speakers.
15.    Finally, stay sober until after you have performed.

Peter Martindale: Principal, Adelaide Public Speaking 

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Mother of the Groom

Responsibilities of the Mother of the Groom

The mother of the groom is often at a loss as to exactly what role she plays in the marriage of her son. This is even more true when she has not participated previously in a wedding for a daughter or other sibling. The following rules of etiquette are shared to increase the joy and fulfil the traditional responsibilities of the mother of the groom.

Her responsibilities include:
The first rule of etiquette to be followed upon receiving news of the impending nuptials is to initiate contact between the families. Introducing herself and her husband to the bride's parents is her first responsibility. This may be as simple as making a call to the bride's mother and telling her how happy she is about the engagement or an informal invitation to dinner at their home. If preferred, dinner at a nice restaurant is always in order. This may be with or without the couple in attendance.

If the parents live far away, a friendly letter is appropriate. A snapshot of the family and maybe even one of her son as a small child is always welcomed by the bride's mother and is a kind gesture.
The importance of providing an accurate and timely guest list can neither be over emphasized, nor the importance of sticking to the guidelines given her as to the number of guests she many invite. Remember to include zip codes.
It is the bride's mother who will first select a dress for her daughters wedding. A gown of complimentary color and similar styling is then chosen by the mother of the groom. She must wear long if the bride's mother wears long or short if she wears short. The color should not match the bridesmaids, nor the brides' mother, but compliment both.
Reservations for out-of-town guests, invited by the groom's family, are the responsibility of the mother of the groom. It will be much more convenient if a block of rooms are reserved at a nearby hotel, which is near her home.

It is the responsibility of the groom's parents to host the rehearsal dinner. This can be as simple as a salad potluck with paper plates in the backyard or as elaborate as an exotic dinner with live entertainment in the finest restaurant. Everyone who takes a part in the ceremony is invited to the dinner. It is proper etiquette to invite the spouse or significant other of those participating, and the parents of children in the wedding. 

Scheduled family photographs, prior to the wedding, will dictate the groom's parents time of arrival. If photos are not scheduled to be taken before the ceremony, the arrival should be no less than one hour before the appointed time 

As the wedding begins, the groom's mother will be escorted down the aisle, to the first pew, right-hand side, by the head usher or a groomsman who is a family member. A nice touch includes the groom escorting his mother down the aisle. As the groom's mother is escorted to her seat, her husband will follow along behind. However, if the parents are divorced, the father of the groom will have been seated previously, two pews behind the mother.
The role as mother of the groom, in the ceremony, may include lighting the family candle on the altar, along with the mother of the bride. Family candles are lit after the candle lighters have left the altar area, and prior to the entrance of the wedding party.

The first official duty of the mother of the groom, during the reception is to stand in the receiving line greeting guests and introducing her friends and family to the bride and her family. Traditionally she stands between the bride and her mother. If the fathers of the couple choose to stand in the line, she will stand between them.

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Wedding Shoes

Women's Shoes

 Women’s shoes are essential wardrobe staples. They don’t just make or break an outfit, but they accentuate and enhance it. From heels and boots, to clogs or platforms, women’s shoes add a touch of style to any ensemble. They can alter the entire look of your attire, and they make even the drabbest clothing look fashionable and fresh. Want to add some sleek, suave style to your business casual everyday wear? Then slip into a sophisticated pair of peep-toe pumps or classic high heels. Need something casual to tone down a formal blouse? Try a comfortable yet stylish pair of clogs. Maybe you need something tough and chic, yet practical for hopping around town. Choose an elegant riding boot and pair it with some leggings. 

If you want a little boost, opt for a funky platform style, or lay low with a feminine ballerina flat. You can choose from a huge selection of women’s shoes, including sandals, casuals, booties, boots, and clogs. There are also tons of wedges, espadrilles, or peep toes. Many styles combine similar elements, such as platform styles with wedge heels, which provide you with a look that mixes some fun fusion and a little edge. To choose the best women’s shoes for your needs, evaluate your current wardrobe and choose some of the most versatile styles you can find. By stocking up on a variety of diverse styles, you will have a solid foundation to play with when mixing and matching outfits. To update your shoe selection, check out the latest trends and go for some of the bravest styles out there. Trendy women’s shoes are a blast to experiment with, and you can always try wearing them with something new each season. Whatever your style, women’s shoes will complement it.


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Monday, July 20, 2015

Planning your wedding

Planning your wedding with the Wyndham Hotel Group

Six great locations for a destination wedding
GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA (July 16, 2015) The destination wedding trend has shown no signs of slowing as couples continue to move away from tradition and towards unique celebrations in exotic locations.

Whether planning an intimate ceremony or a grand affair, the Asia Pacific region is brimming with spectacular wedding locations catering to every taste and budget.

Here are six of the best for couples looking to get hitched on location:


1.       Margaret River

The Margaret River wine region provides a breathtaking setting for a dream destination wedding. With stunning wineries, pristine beaches, verdant forests and superb local produce, the region has everything needed to create a truly memorable event.

While there are numerous venue options in the region, the idyllic beachfront location of Wyndham Resort & Spa Dunsborough makes it hard to beat. It boasts stunning grounds, direct beach access, beautiful gardens, a wedding chapel and reception venue options including first-floor function rooms with magnificent ocean views of Geographe Bay. The facilities cater for up to 220 guests for a modern and stylish cocktail party or can hold up to 130 guests for a sit-down dinner.

2.       Sunshine Coast


With laidback towns, beautiful beaches and a sub-tropical climate year-round, the Sunshine Coast will leave couples and their guests feeling relaxed and refreshed. 


One of the few venues on the Sunshine Coast that provides absolute beachfront weddings, Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre Marcoola Beach offers several stunning ceremony options including the beach, sand dunes, poolside and garden lawn. Located on an idyllic stretch of uncrowded golden sand, the resort provides a one-stop-wedding shop with catering, accommodation and onsite event staff all available to take the stress out of organising a wedding.

 3.       Brisbane

The urban wedding trend is on the rise in Australia’s capital cities and bustling Brisbane - named Australia’s hippest city by Lonely Planet in 2014 – offers the betrothed everything they could want and more! From hip hotels to a thriving arts scene, the city is a playground for creative couples looking for something a bit different.
Brides and grooms looking to inject some urban flavour into their special day will love TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel, Brisbane. The country’s first street-art hotel features contemporary design and striking street art by world-acclaimed artists Magee, Numskull, Rone and Beastman coupled with exceptional finishes including 150-year-old renewed timber flooring. Already creating a buzz amongst couples looking for a unique backdrop to their big day, this hotel is still one of the city’s best kept secrets.


4.       Port Douglas

For a truly tropical wedding, Port Douglas offers couples a seductive setting, balmy climate and spectacular natural attractions. It is the only place in the world where two World Heritage listed attractions exist - the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforest of Daintree and Cape Tribulation.  A feast for the senses, this tantalising tropical destination makes for an exotic wedding escape.

Nestled within a pocket of Melaleuca rainforest just a short walk to world-renowned Four Mile Beach, Ramada Resort Port Douglas is a favourite for destination weddings. With warm, attentive staff and venue options including the Treehouse Meeting Room set amidst the rainforest canopy and the Jacana Deck overlooking lily ponds, it is perfect for everything from intimate elopements to grand wedding receptions for up to 120 guests.

5. Wanaka, New Zealand


Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island is the perfect wilderness escape, offering excellent opportunities for stunning wedding snapshots against the backdrop of the Southern Alps and Lake Wanaka. Come winter, the mountains are decorated with a layer of sparkling white snow and in summer they shine under the golden sunlight. 

Located near awe-inspiring natural wonders including Mount Aspiring National Park, Rob Roy Glacier and the Clutha River, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Wanaka offers the perfect base in which to unwind and entertain family and friends before and after the big day. Enjoy stylish accommodation, a heated pool with water slide, hot tub and sauna a stone’s throw from the region’s best attractions.

6. Phuket, Thailand


With stunning white-sand beaches, sparkling blue seas and warm Thai hospitality, Phuket is the perfect place for a beautiful wedding combined with an exotic, tropical escape.

Set on a lush hilltop with views of Patong Bay and the Andaman Sea, Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort Phuket’s landscaped grounds can be transformed to create a spectacular event against the stunning mountainous backdrop. Choose from a traditional Western wedding or incorporate a touch of the Thai culture to create a truly unique day. All rooms at this stunning resort come complete with balconies and private outdoor Jacuzzis providing the ultimate relaxing escape for wedding guests and the happy couple.

Wyndham Wedding Promotion

Wyndham Hotel Group is offering a special for couples looking to get hitched at four of its resorts. The bride and groom will receive complimentary wedding night accommodation if they book their reception and bridal party accommodation at the resort. The offer also includes a free bottle of sparkling wine on arrival and is valid until 30 June 2016. All bookings need to be made direct by calling the resort and quoting Wyndham Wedding Promo.

Participating resorts: Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre Marcoola Beach, Ramada Resort Port Douglas and Wyndham Resort & Spa Dunsborough.