Monday, June 8, 2015

Yolan Cris Designs

Press Release – BRIDAL COLLECTION 2015

First of all, we would like to thank to all of you for attending the presentation of the new collection 2015 Bridal YolanCris in Barcelona bridal week.
The show is a summary in essence and spirit of the most studied and careful collection that the designers Yolanda and Cristina Perez, have made up to now.  
Split into two parts, four lines, two for each style. The parade began with the excellence representative style that everyone recognizes the brand, boho-chic and finalize with its most exclusive Haute Couture in bridal collection.

The first part of the show reflects the freshness and youth represented by casual air and bohemian fabrics such as guipure, crochet, combined with fine cotton and linen fibers. They provide a rustic hue but at same time, an especially dedicated each of the collection dresses. As the trendy silhouette tunics, blouses combined bat sleeve skirts made by silk chiffon asymmetrical convex and cuts. Femininity is defined by lace skirts with front pockets and French fabrics like plumeti to detail languid silhouettes. Together, gives a place an exotic and romantic line, result of creativity and originality.
The second part of the show belongs to the highest level and technical design and sewing line. Each dress is elaborated by haute couture ancient techniques and is made ​​by measurement, adapted to each client, one by one, giving relevance to sewing and hand embroidery creating special parts of each dress. That's the reason this haute couture bridal collection is totally unique, made with the finest European fabrics and embroidered rhinestones, guipure pastel silk, embroidered silk tulle combined with French Chantilly lace. Romantic’s neckline cuts in V, low back with mermaid silhouettes, skirts with large volumes asymmetries with blouses look symmetrical borders contrast, modernity and edge showing the new season trend.

This prestigious cosmetics brand offers you a complete experience transporting you on a journey to their origins. Inspirited by the ancient beauty rituals traditions, it provides a brightness source and nutrition for hair. The mystery of amber fragrance, gold luxury and fascination made by precious natural oils: argon oil, and flax of Cyprus.  Its delicious fragrance with a touch of vanilla will bring you into the oriental perfumes fascination. You will be definitely seduced by the new mascara.

The essential part of tea shop is the quality.  Worked by craftsmen product offering  a sense delight and with proven beneficial effects for our health. Working with passion and pride with and the constantly evolving engine, allowing them to offer the service framework with over 2,000 years of history.

Creativity and genius defines Galette. Alba is the brand’s soul, we met in a bridal event month ago and we absolutely felt in love by the way she works. She carefully developing each product and its packaging design, working hand by hand with BISCUITS BCN food designers, they organized a special and romantic design. Need a wedding, event, or catering organization? No do without Galette, you will find the special detail that makes the difference. You will all fall in love with it.
 YolanCris Press Manger Contact:
Silvia G√≥mez –   - Tel. +34 609 968 475
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Monday, May 18, 2015

My Beaded Heart

Lirica by Lironc is a brand of hand made hair jewelry & accessories for brides.

The hair jewelry line is called "My Beaded Heart" by Liron Cohen, for its special hand craft technique,

the weave of beads, pearls & crystals on gold and silver plated wires.
The pieces are crafted in organic & natural inspired shapes, such as flowers and leafs.

My S/S 2015 capsule collection was inspired by tender nature & spring blossom.
Each piece have different details & element like flowers do, and they are made with variation of materials to achieve rich texture.
The pieces are made of high quality pearls, glass drops beads, crystals & Japanese beads.  
In my collection i wanted to create soft & romantic bridal style, a princess style.

Which i believe every bride feels on her wedding day.

Photogragry by Rotem Barak.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bridal Gowns 2016

Made in England couture bridal house, Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett, is excited to reveal its 2016 ‘To be Loved’ collection at White Gallery London.

The collection features the signature shapes, style and quality that Lyn Ashworth is famed for, with every piece handmade in Staffordshire. However, 2015 is an exciting year design-wise for the brand, which is set to reveal a mix of fresh ideas and magnificent fabrics for buyers attending White Gallery London.

This utterly dreamy collection oozes femininity and luxury. Full swooshy, floor sweeping skirts and new shapely silhouettes bring these timeless dresses to life for today’s bride.  With her sharp eye for style, head designer, Sarah Barrett, has sourced absolutely beautiful and unique fabrics to create this collection, which is produced by Sarah and her skilled team of cutters and couture seamstresses.

Lyn Ashworth by Sarah Barrett will be exhibiting at White Gallery London from Sunday May 17 until Tuesday May 19 and is located on stand 303. For further information about the brand, visit:

To attend the premium international bridal trade show, visit the press area of the website to apply for your press pass -  Admittance to members of the press is subject to pre-registration and validation.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wedding Programs - Do you need one ??

Wedding programs are one of the little details that add an extra special something to your wedding day. Not only are they a record of your ceremony; wedding programs help guests feel included and understand what is happening, and often introduce your bridal party. 
Do you need a wedding program?
While wedding programs are not required, they are a helpful (and sometimes necessary) piece of wedding stationery.

Wedding programs are extremely helpful if...
  • You are having a religious or traditional wedding, with many guests who are of another faith or culture
  • You are having a large wedding, where guests are unlikely to know the bridal party
  • You are having a particularly long ceremony where guests will need something to follow
  • You have many people who you need to thank
Those who are short on time or money may wish to forgo this option, but remember that a simple wedding program needn't use much time or money. I recommend that you provide them for your guests, as a thoughtful gesture and souvenir.
Elements of a Wedding Program
  • The Cover Typically the cover includes the date and/or the names of the couple. It may also include the location and time of the ceremony, a picture, or design element (such as a flower, scroll, etc.)
  • The Order of Events If you haven't already included your names, wedding date, location, and time on the front cover, consider listing that information on the inside just before the order of events. Then list what will happen during the ceremony, including processional      music,  greeting, readings, prayers, exchange of vows, ring ceremony, unity candle ceremony, pronouncement of marriage, recessional music, and any other ceremony music. Your list may not include all of these elements, and it may include some traditions not listed here. Be sure to list the events in the order they will occur and list the names of those performing the readings. 

  • Members of the Wedding Party This is a simple list of the names and roles of your wedding party. For example:
    Officiant: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    Parents of the bride: Mary and John Smith

  • Parents of the groom: Elizabeth Jones and Thomas Wilson, Jr.
    Stepparents of the groom: Robert Jones and Lisa Marist-Wilson
    Grandparents: Sarah Smith, Margaret Blackwood, Thomas Wilson Sr.
    Maid of Honor: Maria Gellert
    Best Man: William Harris
    Bridesmaids: Rebecca Brown, Juanita Ramirez
    Groomsmen: Calvin Aremu, Jonathan Goldstein
    Readers: McGuire Johnson, Alexander Wilson
Other things you may wish to include in your wedding program

  • An explanation of traditions or rituals used in your ceremony
  • A request for audience participation in certain parts of the ceremony (e.g. affirmation of the marriage, communion, singing, offering of the peace, standing or kneeling)
  • Thank yous
  • Memorials (for example: The memorial candle is lit in honor of the bride's mother, Shirley Fielding. OR On this day of happiness, we would like to remember those who are no longer with us, especially Derrick Peterson, grandfather of the bride, and Samantha Wilson, mother of the groom.)
  • A short sentence about each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, describing why they are important to you.
  • An explanation of the significance of the location, theme, first dance song, etc. (For example: the reception will be held at Coldwater Restaurant, the site of the bride and groom's first date.)
  • Quotes or poems about love or marriage
  • Directions to the reception
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

George Wu

George Wu ‘Wulfila’s Message’
Inspired by Pagan philosophy with the Pagan beliefs of recognising the divine in the natural world, GEORGE WU’s bespoke bridal collection “Wulfila’s Message’ is a sartorial feast of effortless silhouettes and sensuous textures.
Derived from poetic vision and Pagan influence, the collection unites an organic and ethereal aesthetic flirting with divinity and symbolic imagery that exudes the breathtaking splendour of nature; a soft contrast between rustic, organic lace and delicate textiles and silhouettes that reflect both this and the primal and gentle concept of Pagan spirituality.
Celebrating the circle of life and birth, Paganism praises the power of women, worshiping them as goddesses. With the celebration of this at the core of the collection, Wu’s designs are feminine in design, accentuating the female form with heavy construction and hidden corsets resulting in effortless movement, fluid energy and floaty romantic designs.
Featuring opulent fabrics, stylistic silhouettes, delicate hand-sewn embellishments and couture finishes, Wu has created a bridal collection that is elegant yet with a high fashion aesthetic, combining his masterful tailoring skills and classical training with innovative, modern techniques.
Hand crafted from decadent laces, sheers and beaded embellishments in ivory, nude and neutral hues, the eclectic inspiration behind the design of the collection has formed a truly unique aesthetic for the contemporary woman.

The collection is available by appointment at George Wu’s Brisbane studio. For more information visit

Sophistication with a high fashion sensibility is the central ethos for visionary bridal and evening wear designer George Wu, renowned for his masterful tailoring, intricate detailing and classical technique.
One of Australia’s most exceptional bespoke designers, his eponymous label is inspired by layers of lightness and darkness with his luxury collections evoking an avant-garde elegance that combines traditional couture finishes with a modern aesthetic.
With a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Fashion Design from Queensland University of Technology and an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design, it is Wu’s technical skill that has garnered him much acclaim since debuting his label in 2005, creating a label known for each piece’s impeccable cut, structure and finish.
Redefining bridal couture with his innovative take on classical design, George Wu gowns are handcrafted in decadent textiles including delicate French laces and silks, Japanese trims and Italian embroideries, often sourced from the same mills and suppliers as those used by international fashion houses Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.
A master of perfection, the designer is personally involved in the creative process, including design conception, pattern cutting, sewing, finishing and fitting, ensuring each bespoke piece is a work of art.

Since the inception of his label, Wu has established himself within the fashion industry featuring in Australia’s most esteemed publications including Vogue and Elle; his innovative designs worn by celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, Jessica Marais, Kristy Hinze and Rachael Finch.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Garters & Co


Garters& Co. have launched this month - designing bespoke wedding accessories for every bride, handmade in Melbourne.

Christine Arnaud, the seamstress behind Garters & Co., noticed bride's were being offered poor quality garters made from second-rate materials. She knew bride's wanted more, and as someone who has been sewing since she was a young girl, she knew she could do better. And so Garters & Co. was born...

Sourcing quality lace, tulle, satin, ribbon, pearls and rhinestones from Italy, France and Australia -  Garters & Co. creates elegant, delicate garters in a range of styles and colours. Every single garter is made by Christine herself, and made to measure to ensure a perfect fit. Bride's can also work directly with Christine to design one-off custom made creations. 

Garters & Co. also offer one-of-a-kind Bridal Flip Flops, a saviour for the Bride's feet on her big day. A glamorous (and comfortable!) alternative to slip into at the reception - carefully designed with a silky soft 5cm heel height to keep the Wedding Dress dragging on the floor and exposing a glimpse of the Pearl & Rhinestone embellishment with each step. 

Each stitch is a labour of love for Garters & Co. who are passionate about creating wedding garters and accessories that will be treasured. 

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Flowergirl....

Congratulations – your daughter is a flower girl! Now what are you supposed to do? Being the parent of the most adorable wedding attendant means you have duties, too. Here’s the top line info you need to know:


Start collecting your pennies because traditionally the flower girl’s parents pay for her dress and accessories. Selecting the style is up to the bride, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer her guidance, especially if she’s not experienced buying children’s clothing. You don’t want your size 6 child to end up with a size 4 dress, no matter how cute the gown may be.


As a member of the wedding party, the flower girl can expect invitations to all the fun festivities surrounding the wedding: bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, brunches, etc. The one exception: the hen's party. Thankfully, that one is usually held way past her bedtime.


Even if she’s worn a hole in your carpet from all her practicing, it’s important for the flower girl to attend the official wedding rehearsal. There she’ll meet everyone involved in the ceremony and will feel like part of the team. The person running the rehearsal will give the flower girl her marching orders, or rather, what is expected of her as she walks down the aisle. Hopefully, all this will help to ease her anxiety and get her excited for the big day.


Don’t be late! The bride may request that the flower girl arrive early along with the rest of the wedding party. Unfortunately, this could make for a very long and tiring day. Be sure to bring stain proof, low sugar snacks and activities to keep her entertained, like the 


She’ll be all smiles, if you both are prepared. The flower girl should be included in the formal portraits, which may be taken before and/or after the ceremony. The picture taking process can be long and laborious (it’s tough being a model!), so explain to your child that she will be expected to smile, pose nicely, and follow all the photographer’s requests. Keep hair products on hand for touch ups.


It’s time for her to strut her stuff. Traditionally, the flower girl follows the ring bearer down the aisle and precedes the maid of honor, but it’s also appropriate for the flower girl to make her entrance right before the bride. She might be asked to toss petals from a basket, hand flowers to guests, carry a bouquet, or perform some other creative task. The goal is for her to make it to the end of the aisle, and most importantly, look cute while doing it.


To sit or stand, that is the question – and you are probably the best person to answer. After the flower girl completes her walk down the aisle, she can sit with a relative in the front or stand with the rest of the wedding party. You will know which option works best for your child, so be sure to suggest it to the bride. At the end of the ceremony, the flower girl walks back up the aisle in front of the maid of honor.


It’s party time…but first some formalities. The flower girl is not required to stand in the receiving line, but she may be officially introduced along with the rest of the wedding party. Rather than sit at the head table for the meal, the flower girl dines with her parents. By this point in the wedding, you and your daughter have completed your duties. You did it! Feel free to grab a piece of wedding cake, kick it on the dance floor, and ENJOY!
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Friday, February 6, 2015

Hens Night.

Step by Step Guide to planning a Hens Night

Step 1) Ask the Bride to be what she wants! - Sounds simple but so many people forget who the hen party it for and start planning what they want instead. Imagine if the bride wants a relaxing spa day with a few close friends and family and you start planning a weekend away to Ibiza with everyone she’s ever met.

Step 2) Get together a guest list. - When discussing with the bride her ideas for the party get her to write down a guest list. Make sure you understand who the most important attendees are. It is highly unlikely you will be able to find a date to suit everybody and it will be more important to the Bride that certain guests are there over others. For example a sister would usually come above a work colleague. But this is something only the Bride will no so its vital to ask her.

Step 3) Find a date - As a general rule the more in advance you pick the date the better. More people are likely to attend if they're given enough notice. It also means that the excuse "I haven't got enough money" won't be an issue as they are given time to save up. Just discuss with the Bride what dates work for her and go from there. Try and leave the meeting with at least 3 alternative date choices. If you want to go away for the hen party you need to remember to factor in peoples jobs. For example if anyone is a teacher will they be able to go outside of the school holidays?

Step 4) After you have talked things through with the Bride to be you should have enough information to crack on with the planning her a night to remember.  If most of the guests are on facebook it is a good idea to start a group so everyone can be kept up with the planning. If anyone isn't on facebook then make sure you keep them posted via text / email so they don't feel left out. If any guests feel excluded it may make them not want to attend the party.

Step 5) This is where things start to become tricky. You can guarantee that as soon as you start suggesting dates and ideas that people will begin causing problems. It is important to remember you can't please everybody and to try and work through the problems as best you can.  Don't get frustrated and stay calm when dealing with difficult guests. For example if someone is  insisting the date is change because they are working maybe ask if they have considered swapping shifts with a colleague or simply attending the hen night after they finish work.

Step 6) Budget. This is another area where you get to see the true colours of a the brides friends and family. One of the easiest ways to avoid arguments is by separating the hen party into several sections.  Such as:

*Daytime Activity* - e.g.  Spa trips, theme parks etc
*Evening Activity* - Going for a meal
*Night Activity* - Night out in pubs / clubs

This way you are offering the guests a chance to explain what they can / want to go to. So if they attend the whole day it may cost £100 yet if they just come for the meal and night out it maybe more like £40.  This is also an excellent way to address the "do I invite the mother of the bride to the hen party?” As they could just attend the spa and evening meal but can be at home before the drunken party times begin.

However don't let people use this as an excuse to not attend the costly parts of the party. Just remind them it’s important to the bride and it’s what she wants. However if they really can't afford it then it’s better for them to attend some parts rather than not at all.

Step 7) Theme - This again is something that the Bride needs to be happy with. Are they the kind of person who shies away from attention or do they adore the spotlight? If they hate the idea of people looking at them then it’s probably best to go for a more elegant and relaxed theme. Rather than splashing out on all the pink accessories and blow up men you can find.  Check the themes tab at the top of the site for inspiration. 

Common Dilemmas and questions -

Should the mums be at the Hen Do?

This really depends on the Bride. If she can't think of anything worse than her friends and her mother socialising then it’s probably not a good idea for them to be invited. It is likely all her friends are expecting a night filled with drinking and embarrassing stories. Will she really want her mother in law to hear the juicy gossip about her past? However some people can't imagine their hen party without their mum being there. So it really is down to personal preference. Most brides tend to invite mums and aunties to the more civilized part of the night - such as a nice meal or spa day.

How much will it cost?

With the average hen party costing each guest well over £100 you can see why this is a highly debated topic. As a general rule the more money you want people to spend the fewer guests who will attend. Would you prefer to do what you want but there are less people? Or would you prefer to cut back a bit and have everyone there?  A weekend away to Barcelona costs approximately £250 per hen for the flights and accommodation.

Guests who won't pay to go

There will always be difficult guests who moan that they can't afford to go. You won't be able to please everyone with your choice so try and not let it affect you too much. People are more likely to attend if it seems like you are trying to get good deals and compromising with prices. You could try and cut back on one or two things to make it cheaper so they would be more likely to attend. For example if you are planning on taking a Limo on a night out then switching it to a normal taxi may save each hen £30. Although a taxi won't be as special as a limo you could get creative and "Pimp" it out with balloons and photos.
You will still have an amazing time no matter how you choose to arrive!

What to do about out of town guests? 

Its likely that the Bride is going to know people who don't live locally. This can be difficult if the chief bridesmaid planning the party doesn't know the person. Be helpful to them and suggest hotels which would be near to where you are going. If they're worried about the cost you could always invite them to stay at your place after the party. Although this seems a bit odd now after you've spent the day partying and swopping stories you'll feel like old friends. Plus they'll feel more inclined to come if its shown that they are really wanted there. The harder you make it for the guests to say no the less likely people are to let you down last minute.

Pay for the bride?

As a standard rule it is expected that the Bride doesn't pay for things on her hen party. Imagine if someone was planning your hen night then asked you for £100. It just takes away for the night being special for the Bride. So when workings out how much it costs make sure you include the brides cost. So if there are 12 of you going in total you should split the cost between 11.

Hiring a Stripper?

If you are planning on hiring a stripper make sure the bride WOULD enjoy it!
If you’re not sure it’s probably now worth the risk. Also this will bump up the bill for the hens to pay so check with them before deciding if it’s worth it.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wedding Etiquette Advice

Second Wedding Etiquette

Not that long ago, popular thought dictated that second weddings should not be elaborate, formal or extravagant; rather, one should aim for smaller, quieter and more intimate. Today, however, more than 30 percent of today’s weddings are encore weddings and decidedly more commonplace. The focus is on celebrating two people who have found each other, discovering love again and embarking on a new beginning. In truth, celebrations can be as elaborate or as intimate as we desire, without fearing social stigma.

Ceremonies and Vows

Civil ceremonies tend to be the most popular with encore brides, but a religious ceremony is entirely appropriate. If you choose a religious ceremony, meet with your officiant, clergy member, etc. about any “hoops” through which you might need need to jump.
There are endless possibilities for making your second wedding even more special. Writing personalized vows is very popular for encore couples, and entire books are devoted to the subject. Including your children in the ceremony is a wonderful way to symbolize the joining of your two families and to help them feel as though they are an essential part of your celebration. They can escort you down the aisle, read a poem or scripture, serve as attendants or as a part of my favorite ritual: the lighting of a unity candle.

Who will walk you down that aisle? Happily for us, these days it can be anyone: your mother, child, two children or best friend—or you can choose not to have anyone do so. In fact, traditional Jewish processions include both sets of grandparents and parents. The parents stand with the bridal party under the chuppah (wedding canopy) during the ceremony. You can create your own tradition, with all of your children walking beside you and your groom and standing with you at the altar. You’re bound only by your imagination.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Choosing a Band

Music for the Wedding
There are thousands of function bands on the scene and it can be difficult to know which one would be best. The first thing you need to do is work out your budget which will determine the size of the band you want to book. Once you have researched various bands and found ones you like, make sure you ask the right questions such as:
  1. How long has the band been together?
    This is quite an important question as it will give you a good idea of how much function experience the band you are booking has. The last thing you you want to do is book a band that has only played a limited amount of functions. Bands with experience know how to get the dance-floor packed and keep it that way. Also with any function from time to time the event can overrun, by booking an experienced band they can work around this to ensure minimal time is lost and maximum performance is achieved.
  2. Can the band play a variety of musical styles?
    When choosing your band it is important that you choose a band that can play all genres of music. Bear in mind, that your wedding will have a massive age range of guests; therefore not all the guests will have the same taste in music. As a bandleader, I like to describe this as ‘the spinning plate’s effect’. Basically as the band play a set, I will merge all styles and genres in such a way that the guests do not notice which makes the music enjoyable for everyone.
  3. Can the band play the First Dance?
    It is standard that all experienced function bands will play your First Dance so do not be afraid to ask. Alternatively you may prefer to use the original version which can be played through an iPod.
  4. Can I see the band play live?
    Most bands play public gigs so that prospective clients can hear them. As a client it is far more reassuring knowing that you have had a ‘taster’ of what the band actually sound like and how they work the audience. Also by hearing the band, it will no doubt give you more questions that you can put to the band. After all, it is your big day and you will want to ensure it is perfect.
  5. Can I choose the songs that I want the band to play?
    Most band websites will have a repertoire list that you can choose songs from. I would say though the best thing to do is describe to the bandleader what type of feel you want the wedding to have rather then choosing each and every song. The reason I say this, a good party band will know what works and what doesn’t. After all that is what you are partly paying the band for, their experience.

    Also a good party band will run one song into another to avoid pauses on the dance-floor which keeps everything alive.
  6. Does the band have PLI and PAT certificates?
    All bands require Public Liability Insurance (usually between 5 and 10 million pounds) and Portable Appliance Testing certificates on their powered equipment which are standard electrical tests. To play in a venue, this is essential. If the band does not have these it is a safe bet that the band has little playing experience and probably no experience in managing events.
  7. Make sure you get the right quote.
    When bands give you a quote, this generally is for an arrival time of 6pm and finish time of midnight. If your event runs later, you could be faced with an extra charge so always mention up front. Standard is either 3 x 40 minute sets or 2 x 1 hour sets with DJ music in between.
  8. Always check that a live band is permitted at your venue.
    It is important to check with your venue that they are permitted to have a live band and if there are any restrictions with this.
  9. The venue has a noise limiter; can I still have a live band?
    It really depends what the noise limiter is set to. If it is very low, you would be better of with a smaller band or DJ. Most bands work around noise limiters so find out what decibel level the limiter is set to. The majority of noise limiters work on a traffic light system, where green is safe, amber is a warning and red more often then not will cut the power so if you have a limiter make sure the band you are booking has dealt with them in the past.
  10. There is a big difference in price, which one do I go for?
    To be honest, you do get what you pay for. If you book a pub band and pay £150 over a professional band that’s £1,250 don’t expect miracles!

    It’s always worth listening to the band demo recordings ( both live and studio) before you make your final decision. Also ask your friends and family which band they like If you cannot decide from one or the other.
  11. How much space does the band need?
    Standard is 2.5 x 3.5 metres for a small band.
  12. Do the band provide lighting and PA (sound system)?
    Yes should be the answer and this should be included in the quote given to you. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to hire in extra equipment dependent on the size of the venue.

It is always a good idea to speak to the bandleader over the phone just to make sure this is someone who is easily approachable. It will always make things a lot easier!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Know your man !!

The phrases that men hate to hear

Image: © Monkey Business / Fotolia
The phrases that men hate to hear are usually the ones that women use most often (and they are serious).
We don’t know if it is a protective response or they are just tired of hearing it, but men pretend they are deaf or they burst out when they hear these hateful phrases.
Here are some of the most awful phrases for the men’s ears…and how can you say the same thing, but in a different way.

“We’ve got to talk.”
Usually most women keep their emotions down and wait until their patience runs over…then they explode and decide to deal with the problem straight away. It doesn’t matter why you use these words, but they really annoy men, because they make them expect something awful to happen. That is why if you want to start a serious conversation, the best option is to do it when you are making something together with your husband (having dinner, watching TV, laying). Just paraphrase your sentence to make him comfortable.

“I am so fat.”
Here is the problem: He hates it when you say you are fat, because he likes your body the way it is and he accepts every change as a natural process. If he starts complaining about his tummy and his bad shape, you won’t like it, will you? There are for sure plenty of other reasons to love him. It is the same for him. And if he happens to agree with you sometime, it will probably be because of the fact that instead of complaining, you could start training and working on it.

“You don’t do this anymore.”
Researches show that women are more emotional, but men are more sensitive. This means that if you tell him that he is wrong and that he is acting unreasonable, he will probably shut to himself or he might just respond aggressive to you. If, for example you tell him that he isn’t so nice lately and he doesn’t do any nice things for you, you practically tell him that you are unappreciated.
More effective way of expressing your complaints and accusations is to do it by using a particular reason for an excuse. For example, “I know that you don’t remember any dates, but the fact that you forgot about our anniversary makes me feel that you accept our relationship for granted.”

“When do you think you will be ready to become a father?”
This question is almost the same as “When will we get married?” Family and fatherhood are both a serious step which shouldn’t be taken in an irresponsible way. Men realize that. In both cases they will feel pressed against the wall, because the initiative is yours. And it is very likely that they hurt your feeling if you ask them something like that.
This is why, if you feel that your biological clock is tic-tacking, while your partner keeps putting off this important step, you should have an honest conversation with him. Tell him about your worries, concerns and visions about the future. Find out what he thinks. You should better know these things now, than when it’s too late.

“Not tonight, darling”
Men hate to be rejected. They realize that they could be in the same situation, but the fact that you suppress their libido, makes them angry. The best thing you should do when you are not in the mood of having sex is telling your husband how much you love him and how much he turns you on. But after a tough day at work, you feel really exhausted and uncomfortable. Your partner should know that you are not rejecting him, but the physical contact in this particular night.

And which is the phrase that your husband hates to hear?  
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